Action Alert: Fight for Marriage Amendment in Indiana!

National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

We begin this year with an urgent and major opportunity to advance the cause of true marriage in Indiana. The Indiana Legislature is on the verge of passing a proposed Marriage Protection Amendment, giving Indiana voters the opportunity to preserve marriage at the ballot box in November.

But we urgently need your help to ensure the people of Indiana get that chance — and do not have same-sex 'marriage' forced upon them by the courts.

Predictably, our opponents have marshaled millions of dollars to launch a lobbying campaign. It's imperative that legislators hear from those of us who support true marriage and believe that voters should have the right to decide this issue.

If you live in Indiana, please telephone the legislators below to urge them to vote in favor of the proposed Marriage Protection Amendment. If you live elsewhere, please forward this email to anyone you know in the state and ask them to get involved.

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Click here to download a printable call sheet which you can copy and hand out at church, a club meeting, in your workplace, or around the neighborhood. This great resource includes critical talking points and the list of key legislators with additional contact information.

Our information is that the vote is going to be close. The Legislature passed the amendment in 2011, but they need a second legislative vote now to put it on the ballot this coming November. We believe the amendment would be strongly endorsed by Indiana voters, protecting marriage from activist judges imposing their singular opinion upon the whole state.

Please, act today on this urgent matter. Contact the legislators below to urge them to vote in favor of the proposed marriage amendment.


Brian S. Brown

Here are the key legislators we need you to contact today.

Please call as many as you can!

Click here to download our call sheet resource so you can keep track of your efforts.

(R) Rep. Daniel Leonard, Dist. 50317-232-9793
(R) Rep. Todd Huston, Dist. 37317-234-9380
(R) Rep. Rebecca Kubacki, Dist. 22317-232-9619
(R) Rep. Ron Bacon, Dist. 75317-232-9674
(R) Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer, Dist. 89317-232-9793
(R) Rep. Kathleen Heuer, Dist. 83317-232-9647
(R) Rep. Kevin Mahan, Dist. 31317-232-9509
(R) Rep. Sharon Negele, Dist. 13317-232-9816
(R) Rep. Cindy Ziemke, Dist. 55317-232-9850
(R) Rep. Steven James Braun, Dist. 24317-232-9863
(R) Rep. Benjamin Smaltz, Dist. 52317-232-9648
(R) Rep. Randy Truitt, Dist. 26317-232-9643
(D) Rep. Patrick Bauer, Dist. 6317-232-9991
(R) Rep. Jim Lucas, Dist. 69317-232-9674
(R) Rep. Thomas E. Saunders, Dist. 54317-232-9850
(R) Sen. Randy Head, Dist. 18317-232-9488
(R) Sen. C. Susan Glick, Dist. 13317-232-9493
(R) Sen. Thomas Wyss, Dist. 15317-232-9807
(R) Sen. Phil Boots, Dist. 23317-234-9054
(R) Rep. Kathy Richardson, Dist. 29317-232-9647
(R) Rep. Wendy McNamara, Dist. 76317-232-9671

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