A "Duck Dynasty" Subtext: Corporate Morality and Consumer Activism


Yesterday, the Stand With Phil Robertson page on Facebook generated some buzz with a post on the Starbucks Corporation's now infamous intolerance toward pro-marriage and pro-family investors.

Dump Starbucks

The post refers to an encounter at the Starbucks 2013 annual shareholders meeting between CEO Howard Schultz and shareholder Tom Strobhar. When Strobhar confronted Schultz on Starbucks' radical advocacy for redefining marriage, Schultz responded, "You can sell your shares... and buy shares in another company."

The message was clear that Starbucks new corporate morality included intolerance for those who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman. (Of course, NOM predicted this from the moment Starbucks "came out" in support of redefining marriage, and issued a call to action: so was born.)


The interest garnered by the post on the Stand With Phil Robertson page (it achieved well over 1,000 "likes" and over 200 shares) is illuminating. Also worth noting is that the page is promoting an event for January 21: Chick-Phil-A Day, encouraging supporters to eat at Chick-fil-A while wearing Duck Commander swag.

What all of this indicates is that pro-family Americans are waking up to the reality of the powerful lobbying interests and moneyed interests driving the same-sex marriage agenda and aiming to push Christians and others from the public square. This is a point worth remembering: the same-sex marriage movement is not a popular or grassroots phenomenon, but an orchestration by detached elites in Hollywood, on Wall Street, and in the academy, together with their bought-and-paid for allies in the legislatures and their activist judges hoping to climb up the latter of court appointments by ingratiating themselves to political opinion makers.


But the lesson to be learned from the wave of support for Phil Robertson and the subsequent initiatives interesting those who joined the effort on Facebook is that conservatives and family advocates in our country need to make some important New Years resolutions to vote with our wallets, to change the channel, and to do the other little actions in day-to-day life to eventually begin to take back power from the same-sex marriage bullies seeking to trample the first amendment (and us along with it) underfoot on the way to imposing their regime.

Stand strong in the New Year and keep an eye out for other ways to make a difference with your consumer choices and grassroots activism!


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