Phil's Story is Just One of Many


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

We did it!

I'm sure you've heard the news by now: after witnessing an unprecedented outpouring of support for Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, the A&E television network has reinstated Phil to the show, and he'll be filming new episodes this coming spring with the rest of his family.

You and tens of thousands of others lent your support to Phil through NOM's petition which ended up garnering well over 60,000 signatures in record time!

Your voice, combined with countless other voices pouring in from across the nation, was heard loud and clear by A&E executives, and it sent an unmistakable message: people of faith in America will not be bullied and made into second class citizens whose views have no place in the public square.

Thank you for your quick action and for your help in spreading the word.

But the sad fact, as we are all aware, is that the network executives at A&E, GLAAD, and its Holywood allies are just the tip of the iceberg

Other even more ominous threats crop up every day in our country: powerful forces at the beck and call of the radical homosexual lobby, all with the same goal. They seek to push people of faith and those with traditional values regarding sex and marriage out of the public square altogether — to silence, to shame, and even to punish them for their beliefs.

As you know, part of NOM's mission is to call attention to the myriad ways that Americans just like you and me, who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman, are facing attacks to our most basic rights: to speak, donate, organize, and vote in support of the common sense principle that kids deserve both a mother and a father!

One of the chief ways we do that is through the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance (MADA). I'd like to share with you again today one of my favorite MADA videos, "Military Chaplains Under Fire." Take a look:

The attacks against religious liberties and other first amendment rights don't end with our chaplains. In recent months, we've seen ordinary citizens in the crosshairs of the radical same-sex marriage agenda: from bakers to photographers to florists to bed-and-breakfast owners. The same-sex 'marriage' radicals pinpoint anyone who dares speak or act in the public square about their belief in marriage as the union of one man and one woman — demanding every citizen accept and affirm this radical social experiment. Phil Robertson is just the latest target of these bullies.

In the coming year, this debate is only going to heat up in our nation, and these kinds of stories need broader exposure so that people can see behind the mask of those who claim "tolerance" and "equality" are their greatest values even as they work to relegate anyone who disagrees to second-class citizenship.

That's why we need your help.

Sadly, most victims of the intolerance of the radical homosexual movement aren't famous like Phil Robertson and have no opportunity to rally millions of supporters to their cause. We need to help give them a voice and get their story out there so that they know they're not alone when the wolves begin circling.

So please consider joining NOM in the New Year as a monthly Sustaining Partner and help fund our efforts to tell the untold stories of intolerance and persecution waged by the rabid same-sex marriage movement. Or at least make a one-time donation today to help give us a strong start in 2014 as this battle for the soul of our nation wages in ever more states.

%%FIRST%%, I was heartened to see how quickly and decisively our supporters acted to stand up in support of Phil Robertson. I know I can count on you today to reaffirm your willingness to stand up for others of your fellow Americans who need their stories brought to light and for justice to be awarded them as well.

Please don't hesitate: help NOM today in this important mission.

With blessings and best wishes for the New Year,

Brian S. Brown

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