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National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Our end-of-the-year million dollar matching gift challenge has only two more days to go. As of today, we have raised almost $915,000 toward our goal! Right now, I need your help to raise the remaining $85,000 before we ring in the New Year.

Won't you please click here to make a critically needed and time-sensitive donation to NOM to help us reach our $1,000,000 goal and the full amount of the matching funds while the opportunity lasts?

With activist federal judges issuing sweeping rulings without precedent or respect for the law...

With legislators believing the lies of the same-sex 'marriage' lobby that there will be no consequences — for society or for them, personally — for redefining marriage...

With an increasingly complicit and biased media parroting talking points and propaganda from same-sex 'marriage' activists...

And with a President intent on imposing same-sex 'marriage' on every citizen of America and the world...

... your support is needed more urgently than ever!

We must garner the resources to ensure that our message can get out to the millions of Americans who support marriage... organizing and rallying them into a grassroots political force that will send an unequivocal message to the media, cultural, intellectual, and political elites across the country: marriage is the union of a man and a woman because children deserve a mother and a father!

We can fight back and win back marriage in 2014... but only if we raise the needed resources now to afford us a strong start in the New Year!

And it all starts with your generosity and your willingness to rally others to our cause. Please give today, and please ask your friends and family to do the same.

Click here to provide NOM with a generous gift today and help us establish the momentum we need to defend your values and magnify your voice right from the start in the coming election year!


Brian S. Brown

PS: There are only two days left in our year-end, million dollar matching gift challenge... only two days for your gift to NOM — of any amount — to be matched, dollar-for-dollar by one of our most generous supporters and have DOUBLE the impact! Please help us take FULL advantage of this tremendous opportunity and secure the entire $1,000,000 in matching funds pledged — give a generous gift to NOM right away.

2014 will be an incredibly important year for marriage in America, and we cannot let the opportunities before us slip away for lack of the funds necessary to give marriage the defense it deserves. So, please help us out today — let's not leave any money on the table or miss out on one cent of this momentous million-dollar pledge.

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