GLAAD's "Only Wish": To Deny Children the Right to a Mother and a Father


Every child deserves the love of both a mother and a father. Kids know that moms and dads are special and unique, that they can each bring to a child's life a vital contribution that is irreplaceable and invaluable. Many adults who have grown up, for whatever reason, without either a mom or a dad have expressed the wish that this hadn't been so, which by no means devalues the heroic sacrifices and honorable efforts of single parents: it simply testifies to the importance both moms and dads play in children's lives. The best mom cannot make a dad. Ten dads can't equal one mom.

GLADD's Only WishThis is why it is troubling that, this holiday season, the gay activist organization GLAAD is expressing its "Only Wish" as creating a new normal where children will be deprived of the love of either a father or a mother on a regular basis, and indeed that this situation will be rewarded and incentivized by the government.\

The campaign is reported by The Huffington Post's "Gay Voices" blog:

Leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocacy organization GLAAD is spearheading a new holiday initiative to put pressure on states that have yet to legalize gay marriage -- and you can help!

With 34 U.S. states left on the road to marriage equality for same-sex couples, GLAAD is encouraging LGBT families and allies through their "Only Wish" campaign to send holiday cards to these individual governors that encourage them to support marriage rights for members of the LGBT community.

The warm and fuzzy presentation elides the essential truth that when we talk about redefining marriage, we're talking about denying kids' rights to both a mother and a father.

A commentor on the article was not fooled, though, and nailed the point succinctly:

A loving and compassionate society never purposefully creates motherless or fatherless families. Sadly, this campaign is neither loving nor compassionate.

For our part, we'll wish that folks continue waking up to the devastating reality of what a disservice redefining marriage does to men, women, and children, and to society as a whole.

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