Gay Writer: "Being Against Gay Marriage Doesn't Make You a Homophobe"


Writing in The Atlantic online on Friday, Brandon Ambrosino takes to task the claim that support for traditional marriage means being "anti-gay."

SSMResponding to a piece by Paul Rauschenbush for The Huffington Post, in which Rauschenbusch leveled the anti-gay charge against New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Ambrosino writes:

... Raushenbush hauled out a familiar argument: “Let's just be very clear here —if you are against marriage equality you are anti-gay. Done.”

As a gay man, I found myself disappointed with this definition—that anyone with any sort of moral reservations about gay marriage is by definition anti-gay. If Raushenbush is right, then that means my parents are anti-gay, many of my religious friends (of all faiths) are anti-gay, the Pope is anti-gay, and—yes, we’ll go here—first-century, Jewish theologian Jesus is anti-gay.

Read Ambrosino's entire article here.

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