National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Last week I emailed you asking for your support in our year-end, $1,000,000 matching gift campaign... and I've been amazed — as I always am — at the outpouring of support!

As of this morning, we've raised $544,766 toward our goal!

My most heart-felt thanks to everyone who has supported us and helped us take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Please, if you haven't already made a generous donation to help us reach our goal and support critical work in defense of marriage and religious liberty, please click here to do so right away!

We only have two and a half weeks left to raise the remaining $455,234 which will merit an immediate additional $455,234 according to the pledge of one generous supporter to match every gift before the end of the year dollar-for-dollar!

Your donation will help us win critical state fights in Ohio and Indiana... execute our plan to elect a pro-marriage majority to the US Senate... hold accountable politicians who sold out their constituents to same-sex ‘marriage' special interests... and educate the American public as to the true nature of marriage and the consequences of redefining it.

Won't you please join the campaign by making a generous donation right away?


Brian S. Brown

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