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Dear Marriage Supporter,

"Giving Tuesday" is an interesting tradition that has sprung up in the past several years.

Following the retail extravaganzas of last Friday and yesterday, some generous individuals began promoting a national day dedicated to generosity.

"Giving Tuesday" is 24 hours of giving — to show that Americans can open their wallets for more than just Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail "holidays." It's about supporting your favorite non-profits by donating, and getting as many other people as possible to donate along with you.

Please be a part of this wonderful tradition by making a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or more to the National Organization for Marriage today.

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What will your donation support?

  • Building a grassroots network from among the millions of Americans who believe in marriage, organizing and activating them into a powerful and unified political force on the state and national level;

  • Targeted advertising that lets voters know in both state and federal races what candidates for office truly think about marriage — we need elected officials who are champions for marriage in state legislatures, in the House and in the US Senate;

  • An ongoing, nation-wide education campaign that focuses on equipping marriage supporters with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively refute the multi-million dollar campaigns of lies constantly unleashed by the well-funded same-sex ‘marriage' lobby.

It's our responsibility to defend marriage — working with the broad faith community and religious leaders from all traditions that defend traditional marriage, engaging parents and getting the truth out to the American people. We must convey what marriage really is and what's at stake if we let unaccountable politicians and unelected judges impose a radical redefinition of marriage on the country! To do all of this, we'll need millions of dollars to hire trained lobbyists, organize rallies and events and deploy effective communications efforts.

And supporter, right now is the perfect time to donate because your donation will be matched by a generous donor — dollar-for-dollar — DOUBLING the impact your contribution will make in defense of marriage!

So please, click here to make a generous donation to NOM today!

Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Best regards,

Diego von Stauffenberg
Director of Development
National Organization for Marriage

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