Myths vs. History


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

When history looks back on the 2012-2013 legislative year, I believe it will be remembered as the year Americans realized the same-sex marriage movement for what it truly is: a bullying behemoth that puts the very foundations of our democracy at stake.

Right now, living through it all, it's been a somewhat discouraging year for believers in true marriage. We've seen a few narrow losses in some close, hard-fought battles. In some ways, the deck was stacked against us in these states — all of which were deep blue and controlled by Democrats, most with super majorities.

But the "low hanging fruit" for the other side is gone. Now we have the chance to make sure the wave of same-sex marriage momentum crests and rolls back. That story is ours to write: this is your time, along with countless other pro-marriage Americans, to make history.

Click here to make a contribution to NOM of $50, $100, or even $500 so that the coming year will be the year in which together we make history. With your help, 2014 will be known as the year when pro-marriage Americans stemmed the tide and when the flood waters of marriage redefinition receded.

From the earliest days of the marriage battle in our country, the other side has claimed to be "on the right side of history" and said that their movement enjoyed the momentum of public sentiment so that same-sex marriage in America was "inevitable."

They said this despite majorities in state after state standing up in favor of marriage between one man and one woman at the ballot box. It wasn't until 2012 that they had a single election victory to bolster their "inevitability" myth. But one year of slight victories does not make a myth reality. Next year we'll show that history — and not myths — is what finally matters. And history is on our side!

It isn't foolish optimism to hope that we will muster the resources and strength to regain momentum for our movement in the year 2014. We have some very winnable battles coming up in states like Ohio and Indiana where it will all come down to whether our message can be heard by the voters. That's why your help is so crucial.

But also in recent days we've been given signs of how our opponents' "inevitability" myth is just that — a myth. For example, we've seen huge interest in the news lately about the debate happening in the Cheney family over the value of marriage. We've known that the debate over marriage is far from "closed," whatever same-sex marriage activists would have us believe: and here we see proof that that debate is very much alive in America, in homes and workplaces, around the dinner table and the water cooler.

And we've also seen more and more people waking up to how brazen the radical same-sex marriage movement is in their approach to this debate. They don't want debate at all: they want to silence the opposition.

They want to shut us up, to ignore the arguments, and stampede toward their goal. Every day, more Americans are realizing that same-sex marriage works by way of bullying and ignorance; and as they realize this, they know that that's not the way debates in America are supposed to work.

Marriage supporter, we can win the debate over marriage — with your help! We have the best arguments and the best science on our side, but we don't have Hollywood and the media in our pocket. We need your support today. Your gift of $50, $100, or even $500 will help us make sure that the American people hear our pro-marriage message over the bullying shouts of our opponents.

Make no mistake: we still have to fight hard to ensure that people continue waking up to how arrogant the same-sex 'marriage' bullies have grown with their small wave of victories over the past year. But they've made some mistakes that might be their undoing.

Like many other radical progressive movements, the same-sex 'marriage' lobby has been far too aggressive in exploiting the powers of Big Government and excluding the common people from the process of political determination. And that tactic is going to backfire.

The majority of Americans won't go willingly along with a movement that finds friendship with a corrupt IRS... with politically ambitious activist judges... with local officials who break their oaths of office... with city councils who target and persecute people of faith... with legislatures who sell out their constituents... and with a President who pushes that slim minority's radical agenda while crucial programs (including even his own "signature" legislative achievement) unravel at the seams!

No, the American people are waking up to see the same-sex marriage movement for the radical, bullying, anti-democratic and even anti-American behemoth that it is. And we're going to work hard to wake more and more of them up to the fact — with your help!

Please lend us a hand today with your generous gift of $50, $100, or even $500 which will go directly to helping craft our messages for 2014 as we prepare to engage more and more of the American people with the truth about marriage, the truth about what's at stake in this debate, and the truth about what our opponents are all about — and what we can expect to see if they get their way!

Thank you for standing fast and firm in defense of marriage with us through some tough times this past year. And thank you in advance for standing with us through the battles ahead which, together, we will turn into victories!


Brian S. Brown

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