The "Marriage Gap"


Dick Morris writes on his website about a missed point in electoral analysis in his essay, It's Marriage Gap, Not Gender Gap.

"[T]he real gap in our politics," Morris writes, "is not between men and women, but between married men and married women on the one hand and single men and single women on the other. It doesn't matter if you are divorced, separated, widowed or never married. If you are single you are much more likely to vote Democratic."

CoupleAnd this "raises the question of motivation," Morris explains:

[T]he Democrats’ allies in Hollywood and the media... foster a lifestyle that does not include marriage. They rarely depict marriage, except to mock it (the Runaway Bride or Father of the Bride). Love flourishes in Hollywood but not much marriage.

When Hollywood — and the TV people — wants to sell something, they certainly can. Look at how the constant pounding of shows featuring gay couples has melted public aversion to gay marriage in record time. The fact is the Hollywood has declared war on straight marriage for decades.

The result of generous subsidies on the one hand and cultural pressure on the other has been a declining rate of marriage among Americans.

Click here to read the whole fascinating piece. What do you think? How does the GOP "change the math" as Morris suggests?

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