Tom Cross Double-Crosses the Voters


Tom Cross, former GOP leader in the Illinois state legislature and candidate for state Treasurer, voted this week in favor of redefining marriage in Illinois.

Cross's campaign only last month had given assurances that this wouldn't happen:

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin wrote in April that Cross’ stance was ambiguous: ‘It’s easy to take issue with Illinois House GOP leader Tom Cross if you are for same sex-marriage in Illinois. And easy to be angry with him if you’re against it. 

Cross told Marin then: “I’m trying to balance . . . and respect the wishes of a whole caucus . . . at the same time trying to remind everybody in our caucus that there are folks who are for this. You have to respect them,” he said by phone on Friday.

When the Sun-Times reached out to Cross’ campaign, however, a spokesman said the state Rep’s stance is clear.

He’s against it.

Now Cross's campaign has to be wondering whether the voters will forget this come election time.

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