National Organization for Marriage Disappointed with Senate Passage of ENDA; Confident Speaker’s Leadership Will Defeat Measure in House


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"ENDA could be a Trojan horse that enables the marriage redefinition agenda to be forced on the entire nation through the courts." — Brian Brown, NOM president —


Washington, D.C. — The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today expressed disappointment at the Senate's passage of the Employee Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 (ENDA), but cited confidence in House Speaker John Boehner's leadership as giving a firm expectation that the measure will be defeated.

"We are very disappointed by the Senate's passage of this bill," said Brian Brown, NOM's President. "While protecting people against discrimination is a very important goal, this legislation is problematic because of its broad and unclear definitions. Concepts like 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' are too vague to be a basis for such a law which could lead to individuals facing reprisals or even criminal action simply for expressing their values in the workplace."

Brown went on to note that NOM was especially disappointed in the measure's support by several Republican Senators: "We are disappointed with the Republican Senators who voted for this bill for failing to see its dangerous implications for pro-family Americans. Many of these Senators' constituents hold to traditional values like the belief in marriage as the union of one man and one woman, but ENDA could be a Trojan horse that enables the marriage redefinition agenda to be forced on the entire nation through the courts."

While the measure passed in the Senate 64-32, it faces a very difficult road in the House, where Speaker John Boehner has publicly pledged his opposition to the bill and expressed an unwillingness to even take the matter up for a vote.

"We are grateful for Speaker Boehner’s leadership in the House on this issue," said Brown. "He understands the kinds of frivolous lawsuits and bullying through litigation that could come about as the result of such a measure."

Brown expressed hopes that other Republican leaders in the House would similarly announce their opposition to ENDA in order to send a strong signal to the special interest groups lobbying for the bill's passage. "We will be asking all of NOM's supporters to contact the House of Representatives urging that they reject ENDA," Brown said.


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