Iowans for Freedom: 4 Reasons to Fire Wiggins


Iowans For Freedom:

1) Wiggins made and executed law from the bench. Judges can’t do that. Article 12.Section 1 of the Iowa Constitutions says, “The general assembly shall pass ALL laws…”

2) Wiggins is the worst rated Supreme Court Judge in 50-year retention history. He received only a 63% retention recommendation from his own peers.

3) Wiggins broke the Iowa Judicial Code of Conduct. He violated Iowa Code when he did his own research. Iowa Code Chapter 51:2.9 says “A judge shall not investigate facts in a matter independently” but on pg. 54 of the Varnum opinion, they noted the evidence was “confirmed by our own independent research.”

4) It’s “We the People”, not we the courts.

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