NRO's John Fund: NOM "Drew Some Blood" in New York


National Review Online:

" is clear the National Organization for Marriage and other traditional-marriage groups drew some blood. One of the four Republicans, James Alesi, announced his retirement earlier this year rather than face a potential challenger. Senator Roy McDonald of Saratoga Springs has apparently lost, and Senator Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie had a 42-vote lead with 600 absentee ballots left to be counted."

... The only clear survivor among the pro-gay marriage senators who were targeted is Buffalo Republican Mark Grisanti. But 40 percent of Republicans in his district voted against him, and he faces a Conservative party challenger who could drain enough votes from him to cost him the general election against a Democrat this fall.

The results in New York’s primaries are only a warm-up act for battles over gay marriage this November in four left-leaning states that voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington will all decide ballot initiatives on the issue."

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