NY Sen. Ball: 60% of My Constituents Are Opposed to SSM


State Senator Greg Ball has been casting a wide net looking for opinions on the SSM bill under consideration in New York and it turns out that, where it matters most, people are opposed to redefining marriage by a wide margin, as Politico reports:

"In Ball’s district office, he said, calls and letters are running about 60-40 in favor of a no vote."

(BTW, Sen. Ball has asked people to tweet their opinion of how he should vote, so let's make sure he hears from all of marriage's defenders, here's a sample tweet: @ball4NY. Let #NewYorkers vote on #marriage. Vote against the #SSM bill.)

This 60% figure closely mirrors the recent polling conducted by ADF showing that 63% of Americans believe in 1M1W marriage.

Thank you to all of our local supporters in New York who have been hitting the phones and writing letters. Let's not let up now!


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