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Frank Schubert: "Republican Voters Are Not 'Moving On' From Marriage"

From NOM's political director, Frank Schubert, comes this piece in Public Discourse:

It’s rarely covered by the media, but the political landscape is littered with the wrecked careers of Republicans who abandoned the party’s commitment to marriage as it has always existed, which is a foundational institution of virtually every faith tradition on the planet.


It should be acknowledged that these races often involve more than the marriage issue. There is usually a range of issues at play in any contested race, whether for the state legislature or Congress. But unquestionably, marriage was a critical issue in all of these contests. Marriage was the issue that drove conservatives to oppose and ultimately defeat incumbents like Anne Zerr in Missouri.

Finally, it is also important to note the importance that support for marriage played most recently in the GOP when grassroots Republican activists made their views clear in crafting the national Republican Party platform last month in Cleveland. Despite an organized and well-funded campaign by Wall Street billionaires and corporate lobbyists to “modernize” the party’s official position on marriage, convention delegates utterly rejected the notion. The 2016 GOP platform is the most pro-traditional marriage platform ever adopted. It specifically calls for reversing the Obergefell ruling redefining marriage. It explicitly condemns as the product of activist judges the rulings on marriage in both Obergefell and the Windsor case that overturned the federal Defense of Marriage Act, and it calls for the appointment of Supreme Court justices who will reject their reasoning. It endorses the First Amendment Defense Act to protect supporters of marriage from governmental persecution. And it calls for a constitutional amendment to return to the states their right to define marriage solely as the union of one man and one woman.

Never fans of social issues to begin with, it’s a safe bet that the consulting class, corporate lobbyists, and wealthy donors will ignore the mountain of evidence all around them that rank and file Republican activists and voters revere marriage and will act to defend it. But Republican candidates should come to understand that succumbing to the pleadings of the elite echo chamber can come at a very high price: their very political careers.

Read the whole thing here.

NOM’s Promise To Missouri Voters Fulfilled – Turncoat Republican Anne Zerr Defeated in GOP Primary

Contact: Joseph Grabowski (202) 457-8060 x-110 | [email protected]

"We did what we promised and went after her, and I couldn’t be happier that she has been defeated." - Brian Brown, NOM President


Washington, D.C. – When Missouri Republican Anne Zerr cast the deciding vote to kill SJR 39, a proposed constitutional amendment to protect the rights of supporters of marriage from governmental persecution, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) vowed to end her political career. NOM delivered last night when Zerr was defeated in the GOP primary for state Senate. NOM mounted an independent expenditure campaign funding mailers and phone calls to oppose Zerr and endorse her opponent, Rep. Bill Eigel. With all precincts reporting, Eigel has defeated Zerr by 385 votes.

"Anne Zerr betrayed her constituents and the people of Missouri when she sided with LGBT extremists to defeat SJR 39, which would have given voters the right to protect supporters of marriage from discrimination by governmental entities," said Brian Brown, NOM president. "We did what we promised and went after her, and I couldn't be happier that she has been defeated. Zerr joins a long list of Republicans who have ended their political careers by voting against the interests of people who support marriage as the union of one man and one woman."

Last April, Zerr joined with two other Republicans, Representatives Jim Hansen and Caleb Rowan, to defeat SJR 39, a proposed constitutional amendment that would have protected people of faith from being forced to participate in same-sex 'weddings' in Missouri. Because of her vote, Zerr subjected Missourians who support traditional marriage to an array of punitive actions by government, usually undertaken at the behest of LGBT extremists. People in numerous other states have been sued, fined, fired and punished, their reputations ruined and their livelihood destroyed. SJR 39 would have given Missouri voters an opportunity to prevent this type of discrimination against people of faith.

"When four Republican Senators in New York voted for gay 'marriage,' we ended their careers," Brown said. "When Republican candidates for US Senate in New Hampshire, California and Oregon came out in favor of redefining marriage, we defeated them and ended their careers. When Supreme Court judges redefined marriage in Iowa, we removed them from office. When GOP candidates for Congress in California and Massachusetts endorsed gay 'marriage' we defeated them. And now we have defeated Anne Zerr over her vote to subject supporters of marriage to punitive governmental actions simply for not wanting to be involved in gay 'marriage.' We urge Republican officials in Missouri and elsewhere to pay attention to this pattern. If you vote with LGBT activists against those who support marriage, you do so at the risk of your political career."

NOM said they are considering what actions to take against Representatives Hansen and Rowan during the general election. "Caleb Rowan has an opponent in his race for state Senate District 19 and we will consider opposing him even though his opponent does not support SJR 39. It would be better for Missouri to have a bad Democrat for one term than to have a bad Republican for a career. Hansen doesn’t have an opponent, but that won’t stop us from letting his constituents know about how bad he is on marriage, religious liberty and giving voters a chance to decide critical issues like this for themselves. Whether it takes a few months or several years, we will not rest until all three Missouri Republicans who betrayed supporters of marriage are out of office. Zerr was first, Hansen and Rowan are next."

# # #

To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, please contact:
Joseph Grabowski, [email protected], (202) 457-8060 x-110.

Paid for by The National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, president. 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

NOM Launches Campaign To Defeat Missouri Representative Anne Zerr Who Betrayed Missourians, Denying Them The Right To Vote On Critical Religious Liberty Protections

Contact: Joseph Grabowski (202) 457-8060 x-110 | [email protected]

"It's the height of hypocrisy that this politician who denied voters their own chance to decide this issue now demands they vote for her." - Brian Brown, NOM President


Washington, D.C. – Washington, DC – Following through on a promise made to citizens last April when the Missouri House of Representatives refused to pass SJR 39, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today announced they have launched, through their NOM in Missouri PAC, a campaign to defeat Rep. Anne Zerr in the 23rd Senate District Republican primary. NOM in Missouri is funding mailings and phone calls urging voters to defeat Zerr in the August 2nd primary and elect her principal opponent, Bill Eigel.

"Anne Zerr betrayed the people of Missouri and the Republican Party when she refused to allow voters to consider critical legal protections preventing government from discriminating against people who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "It's the height of hypocrisy that this politician who denied voters their own chance to decide this issue now demands they vote for her. We are committed to her defeat."

As a member of the House, Zerr joined with fellow Republicans Rep. Jim Hansen and Rep. Caleb Rowden to defeat SJR 39 which would have allowed Missouri voters to protect the right of Christians and people of faith from being punished by government because they object to participating in a same-sex 'wedding.' NOM is the nation's largest and most active organization in support of traditional marriage and the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters and will target Hansen and Rowden in the future.

"Anne Zerr has subjected supporters of marriage, Christians and people of faith to punishment and persecution for standing true to their beliefs. She has sided with LGBT extremists who want to punish people of faith for supporting marriage and use the full power of government to persecute them," Brown said. "Zerr has subjected churches, pastors, religious charities and schools, individuals and small businesses to lawsuits, fines, the loss of their livelihoods and the ruin of their reputations. We urge voters to defeat her."

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To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, please contact:
Joseph Grabowski, [email protected], (202) 457-8060 x-110.

Paid for by The National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, president. 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Sanctity of Marriage Alabama Organizes Rally in Support of Chief Justice Roy Moore

Sanctity of Marriage Alabama has announced a rally event supporting Chief Justice Roy Moore.  Their press release follows:

Media Contact: Tom Ford
Phone Number: (334)220-2319 



MONTGOMERY, AL (May 19, 2016) –

Sanctity of Marriage Alabama announced Thursday that Kayla Moore (wife of Chief Justice Roy Moore and President of the Foundation for Moral Law) and State Senator Dick Brewbaker (R-Montgomery) will be among the speakers to address supporters of Chief Justice Roy Moore at a statewide rally on Saturday.

Friends of Chief Justice Moore, conservative organizations across the state, and churches who support the Chief Justice’s stand for God, for marriage, and for the Constitution will rally at the Heflin-Torbert Judicial Building in Montgomery on Saturday, May 21st, 2016 from 11:00am – 12:00 noon. 

Rally organizers expect elected officials and pastors to publicly stand with Chief Justice Roy Moore recognizing that even as he stands for God’s truth, for marriage, and for the law, he has done nothing to deserve charges or suspension from his position. They also demand that the politically-motivated and unfounded charges be dismissed on the first day of any trial.

For more information visit, Facebook: Sanctity of Marriage Alabama, or call(334) 220-2319.


Sanctity of Marriage Alabama is a grassroots organization that has mobilized thousands of Alabama citizens to stand with God’s Word and the law of the land for marriage between one man and one woman.



Dear Marriage Supporter,

While the rest of America is focused on one of the most consequential Republican primary elections in our lifetime, the Illinois GOP is working quietly to rip marriage as the union of one man and one woman from its platform. On Friday May 20th at 10 AM the Illinois GOP platform committee is poised to vote to remove marriage from the state party platform. We need you to act now.

Please sign our petition today demanding that the Illinois GOP stand firm in support of marriage as the union of one man and one woman and reject any attempts to change the party platform in Illinois as it pertains to marriage. When you sign, an email will be sent to every member of the platform committee demanding that they keep one man / one woman marriage in the state party platform.

Act Today and Defend Traditional Marriage!

The GOP platform has for many years called for the adoption of a constitutional amendment to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Sadly, too many Republican leaders and elected officials have largely remained silent about the threat to our society posed by ripping marriage from the law. Their cowardice and silence has emboldened LGBT extremists and across the country the marriage plank in GOP state platforms is under threat.

That's why we need you to sign the petition to the Illinois GOP demanding that they maintain their strong position in support of traditional marriage. There's very little time — the committee meets TOMORROW morning.

What the LGBT extremists fail to realize is that support for traditional marriage runs much higher than does general support for the Republican Party brand. Over 50 million Americans have gone to the polls to support traditional marriage, and marriage has always run many points higher than has the top of the Republican ticket.

Not only is support for marriage popular, but it is right. Marriage is our only mechanism to bring men and women together for the purpose of being father and mother to any children born of their union. When marriage is redefined and turned into an institution designed primarily to validate the sexual choices of adults, the interests of children are sacrificed, and society suffers as a result.

If the GOP strips support for marriage from the party platform, Christians and other people of faith will pay a heavy price. Such a move would provoke fierce legal attacks against people who believe that marriage is one man and one woman, just as God designed it, resulting in countless people being sued, fined, fired and otherwise punished for continuing to stand up for marriage.

It's imperative that we mobilize a strong and sustained counterattack against those working in the shadows to shred the GOP platform on marriage and replace it with a tacit endorsement of genderless marriage, and families that are stripped of a mother or father in a child's life.

Please, sign the petition immediately then share this petition with your family and friends.


Brian S Brown

Act Today!

Trump’s Ignorance of Key Issues An Ongoing Problem

For most of his career, Donald Trump has been a businessman and a reality TV entertainer, not a political aspirant who is expected to have a grasp of key public issues. Now that he’s running for president, Trump is trying to get educated, but he’s relying on the source he knows best - “the shows” - for his information rather than doing the hard work of actually learning what’s involved in public policy. trumpSadly, Trump’s ignorance of key issues is an ongoing problem.  Yesterday on the Today Show, Trump said that North Carolina had made a mistake in passing legislation to prohibit the adoption of “bathroom bills” that allow biologic males to use intimate facilities reserved for women and girls based on a claim of “gender identity.” Trump said the state should just have left things the way it was because “there has been so little trouble.” He went on to say that Caitlin Jenner would be welcome to use whatever bathroom he wishes in Trump Tower.

There’s a big problem with Trump’s understanding of the issues in North Carolina, or in many public policy battles, especially social issues. You see, the left and LGBT extremists are never content to “leave things as it was.” They are constantly at work trying to force their extreme agenda on America.

That’s what happened in North Carolina when they got the Charlotte City Council to pass an ordinance over the objection of the state’s residents that allow men to use showers, locker rooms and bathrooms reserved for girls and women. The legislation that Trump commented on was in response to this affront to common sense and decency, not some proactive effort on the part of state offices to make life difficult for people who are transgender.

bathroomTrump doesn’t understand the complexities of this issue because “the shows” that he relies on for information never educate people about the true issues – they simply shout “discrimination” whenever something occurs in the public square that LGBT groups oppose.

It’s our obligation to call Trump out, and any other candidate who fails to grasp the complexities of important issues like this, with the hope that should he ever be elected, he will become a far more informed president than he has so far demonstrated as a candidate.

Stand with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Who has Stood with Us

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, we secured a tremendous victory for the rights of Christians and other people of faith to be able to live out the truth of marriage without fear of being targeted or punished by the government for doing so. When Governor Phil Bryant signed this critical religious liberty legislation (HB 1523) into law, he took a courageous step in defiance of threats from LGBT extremists and their allies in Hollywood, corporate America and big-time sports leagues. Now we must stand up for Governor Bryant to confront the cultural bullies who, right on cue, are threatening boycotts, economic punishment and reputational ruin.

Please sign our petition to Governor Bryant thanking him for protecting the rights of all his state's residents who will be able to live out the truth of marriage in their daily lives.

Because of his leadership, no pastor, church or religious group will be forced to participate in a gay ‘wedding.' No florist, baker, photographer or other professional will have to be involved in a gay ‘wedding' in violation of their religious beliefs. Religious schools, universities and social service groups can continue to maintain personnel and housing policies that reflect their beliefs. Adoption agencies have been protected and won't be forced to adopt out children to same-sex couples if doing so violates their beliefs that children are entitled to both a mother and a father. Nobody in the state will be punished or imprisoned for refusing to personally issue a marriage license that violates their beliefs. And no men will be able to force their way into intimate facilities reserved for girls and women, such as showers and restrooms, simply by claiming that he "identifies" as a woman.

Thank Governor Phil Bryant Today!

As you can see, HB 1523 enacts very comprehensive protections for citizens and is a model for the nation. That's why we must let Governor Phil Bryant know that we appreciate and applaud his leadership by signing our petition today.

Following the demands of the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign, the leading LGBT puppeteer, executives with major companies like Dow Chemical, General Electric, Pepsi, Hyatt, and Hewlett Packard have already demanded that the law be immediately repealed. Governors from uber-liberal states like New York, Vermont and Washington issued a ban on state employee travel to Mississippi. The manufactured outrage over this legislation is expected to continue, and you can anticipate sports executives weighing in with threats to withdraw championship games from the state.

All of this is manufactured and has become the standard fare for LGBT radicals and their allies. They do not want to actually debate the merits of the issues so they declare anything they oppose to be "discrimination" and "anti-gay" and attempt to demonize all those who oppose their agenda.

Governor Bryant in Mississippi is standing strong and now it's our turn to stand with him. Please act immediately to express your thanks to this courageous defender of the rights of Christians and people of faith and let him know that you salute his leadership.

Together we can fend off the cultural bullies, but we must act proactively to do so. We cannot be silent while the radicals wail mindlessly about this critical legislation. Please act today to sign our petition to Governor Phil Bryant.

Thank you for all you are doing in support of marriage as God designed it.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you've signed our petition thanking Governor Bryant for his leadership in Mississippi, please forward it to others and use the share buttons below to promote it on social media. That's one of the best ways to spread the word about this important petition.

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Huge Victory in Mississippi

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I have some fantastic news! Thanks to thousands of you who responded to our urgent request yesterday and sent emails to key legislators and Governor Phil Bryant in Mississippi, the state House of Representatives passed robust, critically needed religious liberty legislation (House Bill 1523) with a strong margin!

And today Governor Bryant signed the legislation into law!

Thank you all who helped us and our allies secure this tremendous victory against LGBT extremists who want to marginalize and punish Christians and other people of faith simply for professing the truth of marriage as God designed it, one man and one woman.

House Bill 1523 protects pastors, churches and individuals from having to solemnize a gay 'wedding' and protects individuals and small businesses like florists, bakers and photographers from being forced to perform services at a gay 'wedding' ceremony that violates their deeply held religious beliefs. The legislation also prevents LGBT extremists from forcing their gender ideology on Mississippi which would allow men to force their way into intimate facilities reserved for girls and women, including showers and restrooms, simply by claiming they "identify" as women.

This huge win is on top of the tremendous victory we helped our allies achieve the other day in North Carolina, which repealed a dangerous bathroom ordinance in Charlotte and prohibited any other local government entity from instituting a "gender identity" policy that jeopardizes the privacy and safety of girls and women.

See how much we can accomplish together to protect religious liberty and safeguard the rights of people who believe in the truth of marriage?

Make a Special Victory Fund Contribution Today!

While we've achieved these tremendous victories together, much more needs to be done. That's why I am asking you to make a special Victory Fund contribution to fund our ongoing efforts across the country and at the federal level to extend the protections we enacted in Mississippi and North Carolina to every state in the country.

Your contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250 or even $500 or more will be put to immediate use helping allies in a number of states that are facing the same type of threats and intimidation from LGBT extremists that we confronted in Mississippi and North Carolina. Some of you receiving this email can afford to give $1,000, $2,500 or even more, which we urgently need. I hope these great victories will encourage you that we can win these critical fights! Whatever you can afford, please act today with your most generous contribution.

These two victories could prove pivotal in the fight against radical extremists who are pushing a dangerous gender ideology and who wish to punish people who honor God's definition of marriage. Sadly, these radical gay activists and their allies in big business, Hollywood and big-time sports like the NFL and NBA won some early victories when three gutless Republican governors succumbed to their threats of economic boycotts and reputational ruin. But now with us having prevailed in North Carolina and today in Mississippi, we may have turned the corner and be on our way to enacting robust protections for Christians and people of faith in a number of additional states, and at the federal level as well.

But our victories will be short-lived unless we can raise the resources needed to capitalize on our momentum. We're being asked by allies in Congress and in a number of key states to help them with funding, expertise and grassroots support, but our ability to respond to those opportunities is directly related to how generously you and other NOM members respond to my request for your financial support.

Please Act Today with
Your Most Generous Contribution

Please act today with your most generous contribution — whether that be $25, $50, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 or more — so that we can secure ever more victories in states and in Congress.

This huge win today in Mississippi would not have been possible without your help. Be encouraged and emboldened by this victory, and please redouble your efforts to stand with us as we fight in numerous other states, and in Congress, for the rights of Christians and other people of faith.


Brian S Brown

PS — You can fully expect the LGBT extremists and their allies to go berserk over Mississippi's passage of this robust protection for people of faith, just as they are doing in North Carolina. Your generous financial contribution will allow us to counter their protests and push other states to enact these critical legal protections.

Donate Today

Act Today To Protect Christians Against LGBT Extremists

Dear Marriage Supporter,

All across America, LGBT extremists are working overtime to force devout Christians and other people of faith to personally participate in celebrating a same-sex 'marriage' even when doing so violates their deeply held religious beliefs. Those who have refused to abandon God's commands when it comes to marriage have been hit with lawsuits and huge fines, lost their jobs and even been put in jail. This must stop, and it will stop in Mississippi if you act today.

Please sign our petition to Governor Phil Bryant demanding that he sign into law critical religious liberty legislation (House Bill 1523) that will protect Christians and other people of faith from having to abandon their beliefs about marriage.

For years, LGBT activists lied to Americans about gay 'marriage,' claiming that redefining marriage to suit their demands would not hurt anyone. Instead, people's lives have been ruined and the sexual extremists are intent on forcing every person in America to genuflect at the altar of gay "rights."

It is outrageous that gay and lesbian extremists have been allowed to discriminate against, harass and punish Christians and others when it comes to marriage. Fortunately, the Mississippi legislature just acted to prevent this type of discrimination and passed legislation that will protect the rights of Christians and people of faith, and shield them from being punished for refusing to abandon their beliefs about marriage. Now it is up to Governor Phil Bryant to sign the legislation into law.

House Bill 1523 protects pastors, churches and individuals from having to solemnize a gay 'wedding' and protects individuals and small businesses like florists, bakers and photographers from being forced to perform services at a gay 'wedding' ceremony that violates their deeply held religious beliefs. The legislation also prevents LGBT extremists from forcing their gender ideology on Mississippi which would allow men to force their way into intimate facilities reserved for girls and women, including showers and restrooms, simply by claiming they "identify" as women. Biology determines gender, not "feelings!"

Act Today to Help Protect Religious Liberty

It is imperative that Gov. Bryant hear from you today now that the Legislature has enacted HB 1523. In other states, LGBT extremists have orchestrated a campaign of "manufactured outrage" utilizing Hollywood celebrities, corporate giants and billionaire sports owners who wish to curry favor with gay activists. Their well-orchestrated play book threatens boycotts, companies threatening to leave the state and sports leagues hinting a state may be denied high-profile events like a Super Bowl or college bowl game. Sadly, these actions of intimidation have worked on a few gutless Republican governors like Mike Pence in Indiana, Dennis Daugaard in South Dakota and Nathan Deal in Georgia.

To combat the expected media firestorm and false claims of "discrimination," Governor Bryant must hear from grassroots citizens that you expect him to support the rights of Christians and people of faith in Mississippi and not allow them to be targeted by LBGT extremists and their fat-cat supporters in corporate America and entertainment.

Please sign our petition to Gov. Bryant immediately so that he hears from people like you who live and work in Mississippi and who want you and your neighbors to be protected from adverse actions simply because you believe that marriage is what God designed it to be — one man and one woman.

Thank you for standing strong for true marriage and the rights of Christians and people of faith to be free from recrimination and harassment from extremists who believe that religious liberty must be eliminated when it comes to the gay agenda.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you sign our petition please use the share buttons below to share it with all your friends and family on social media so they also have the opportunity to express their support for religious liberty on behalf of Christians and people of faith. If you are not on social media please forward this email to your friends and family. Thank you.

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Demand That Legislators Override Georgia Governor Nathan Deal’s Shocking Capitulation To LGBT Extremists

Dear Marriage Supporter,

As you know, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has become the latest example of a cowardly Republican who has thrown people of faith to the wolves by vetoing extremely modest religious liberty legislation (HB 757) that would have protected pastors, churches and religious groups from having to participate in same-sex 'weddings' or host them in their facilities. Deal's action makes it open season on Christians, churches and other people of faith who do not want to be personally forced to be a part of a same-sex ceremony that they oppose on religious grounds.

I need to you act immediately to urge legislators to override turncoat Nathan Deal's veto of this important legislation.

Deal kowtowed to wealthy corporate interests who had already severely watered down the legislation by removing most of the needed protections, and then he showed himself to be a corporate lackey when billionaire sports owners and big business chieftains demanded that he veto even this modest protection for pastors, churches and religious groups.

What hypocrisy! Billionaire sports owners and corporate CEOs can spend whatever they want fending off demands by LGBT extremists, but pastors and churches can't. That is why they need the protection of the law that Nathan Deal vetoed. Without this law, they will be subject to all kinds of legal maneuvers and pressure designed to force them to perform gay 'weddings' and make their facilities available for something that many consider to be sinful.

Fortunately, the Georgia General Assembly has the ability to bring itself into special session to override Governor Deal's disgusting veto of this important religious liberty law. Please sign this petition calling on legislators to go into special session for the purpose of overriding Nathan Deal's veto of HB 757.

Act Today to Demand that Georgia Legislators Support Christians and All People of Faith

Last year, the North Carolina General Assembly overrode a Republican governor's veto of legislation that protected people of faith from having to perform a same-sex 'wedding' against their religious beliefs. Now it's up to lawmakers in Georgia to take a similar step to protect pastors, churches and religious groups from having to perform gay 'weddings' in that state.

It doesn't matter if you live in Georgia or not. The ACLU and other leftists are whipping up their allies in Hollywood and San Francisco to create a firestorm of protest in Georgia, and we need to counter that with a strong showing from people of faith all across the country.

Please act today to demand that Georgia legislators support Christians and all people of faith by going into special session to override Governor Nathan Deal's tragic and incredibly misguided veto of HB 757.

Thank you for acting today to support pastors, churches and religious groups who wish to stand for God's understanding of marriage and who refuse to be pressured into being personally involved in that which is against God's commands.


Brian S Brown

PS — After you sign our petition urging legislators to override Nathan Deal's veto of important religious liberty legislation, please use the share buttons to ask all your friends and family on social media to do the same. We need people all across the country weighing in so that Georgia legislators know that average Americans stand with pastors, churches, and religious groups and do not want them to be forced into participating in a same-sex ceremony that violates their religious beliefs.

Act Today!

NOM Endorses Colm Willis in Oregon 5th Congressional District

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm pleased to let you know that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has endorsed Colm Willis in his race for the 5th Congressional District in Oregon. Colm is a proven champion for life, religious liberty and marriage, and will be a fantastic member of the US House of Representatives fighting for issues we care deeply about.

Colm faces two challengers in the Republican primary election on May 17th, one of whom is Ben West, a gay 'marriage' activist who sued the people of Oregon to invalidate the state's marriage amendment adopted by 57% of voters. Because of West, the people of Oregon had their votes stolen from them by unaccountable judges.

It's outrageous that someone like Ben West, a nursing student, thinks he can steal the votes of the 57% of Oregonians who voted for marriage and then turn around and ask those same people to give him their votes for Congress. How hypocritical!

This race presents a stark choice — Colm Willis is a champion on our issues, while Ben West is a gutless turncoat who abandoned Republican and constitutional principles. West didn't have the courage to take his gay 'marriage' position to the people of Oregon; rather, he went to judicial elites to impose his radical views on the citizens of the state despite their overwhelming votes to the contrary.

Support Colm Willis for Congress Today!

Colm Willis has a distinguished background and has been a leader on critical issues. A husband, father and small business attorney in private practice in Stayton, Oregon, Colm is an Oregon native who served for many years as the chief advocate for Oregon Right to Life. He has experience as a staff member in the US Senate, and has applied his expertise on a host of economic issues. To his tremendous credit, Colm left his congressional staff position because of his opposition to the decision by Congress to spend taxpayer money bailing out big banks and other corporations rather than return the money to taxpayers.

In the past several years, we've seen attempts by GOP elites to move the Republican Party away from its position in support of life, marriage and religious liberty and make it "Democrat lite." This move is nothing but political correctness run amok. The fact is that supporting marriage as the union of on man and one woman is not only the right policy for the country, and especially for children, it is immensely popular with voters, over 50 million of whom have cast ballots for traditional marriage. In fact, voter support for marriage has run far stronger than support for the Republican ticket.

NOM worked hard during the 2014 election cycle to defeat Republican US Senate candidate Monica Wehby, another GOP turncoat who abandoned marriage, and the Republican platform. Not surprisingly, Ben West endorsed Wehby and campaigned on her behalf. Now we will work hard to ensure that West himself is defeated and a strong champion for marriage, religious liberty and life — Colm Willis — is elected.

Please join us in supporting Colm Willis for Congress. You can learn more about his candidacy here. We urge you to make a donation directly to his campaign via his website.

In 2014, NOM played a critical role in electing pro-marriage champions to Congress in numerous states, and defeating those GOP candidates, such as Carl DeMaio in California and Monica Wehby in Oregon, who had abandoned marriage. We had a 100% track record in 2014 and are pledged to repeat that in 2016, starting with the election of Colm Willis.

I hope you will act today to support Colm Willis for Congress.


Brian S Brown

PS — Please share this email with all your friends and family so they, too, can join the Colm Willis campaign.

Act Today!

Fight Back Immediately Against Intolerant Religious Bigots

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm writing to ask you to act immediately to fight back against intolerant religious bigots who are intent on forcing a radical view of human nature on society even when common sense flies in the face of their dangerous agenda. Please act immediately to thank North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for standing strong and resisting the push to allow men in intimate facilities like showers, locker rooms and restrooms that are reserved for girls and women.

All across the country, radical LGBT extremists are demanding that men be treated as if they were women if the men decide they "identify" as a woman at a particular moment. This has led to girls and women being confronted by biological males in the most intimate of facilities — showers, locker rooms and restrooms. Needless to say, such a situation is a grave violation of privacy and raises very serious security and safety concerns.

Act Immediately to Thank Governor Pat McCrory

When given the opportunity, voters have soundly rejected these "transgender bathroom bill" policies but the LGBT extremists have used their power to get gutless politicians to cave in to their demands. That is what happened in Charlotte, NC when the City Council voted to risk the privacy and security of girls and women to placate the political demands of the LGBT extremists.

Fortunately, the North Carolina General Assembly and Governor Pat McCrory put their feet down and said "enough is enough" to these dangerous policies and they banned men from being in intimate facilities reserved for females. For standing up for common sense and the safety and privacy of girls and women, Governor McCrory is now being targeted by intolerant religious bigots and leftist politicians who do the bidding of these bigots. And sadly, the extremists are being aided by powerful corporate, entertainment and sports figures who are threatening the state with economic punishment if they don't cave in to political correctness and worship at the altar of the LGBT extremists.

Please sign our petition to Governor McCrory letting him know that you appreciate his leadership and courage to take a common sense position that men should not be allowed in intimate facilities like showers and restrooms that are reserved for girls and women. It is imperative that you act immediately because the left is in the process of manufacturing outrage in order to pressure this Republican governor to cave into their demands, just as they were successful in pressuring others to cave, like Indiana Governor Mike Pence, South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

This petition can be a vehicle for the grassroots to get mobilized and send our own message that the PC, bigoted agenda of LGBT extremists will not be accepted by mainstream Americans. The message is simple — it is not discrimination to keep men out of women's showers, restrooms and locker rooms.

Please act immediately to fight back against LGBT extremists and support Governor Pat McCrory by signing our petition.

And remember to share this email and petition by forwarding it or using the social media buttons below.


Brian S Brown

Act Today!

Vote Cruz In Arizona and Utah

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Voters go to the polls today in Arizona and Utah to make their selection in the GOP primary race for president. It's the first balloting since Sen. Marco Rubio left the race. If you live in either Arizona or Utah, please cast your ballot for Sen. Ted Cruz, a man you can trust on all the issues, and especially in the fight to restore marriage to our laws. And if you have family or friends in one of these states, please urge them to vote for Senator Cruz.

The polls show Senator Cruz with a huge lead in Utah and Donald Trump leading in Arizona but Cruz within striking distance. The lone remaining establishment candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich, has no chance to win either state but his presence is taking votes from Cruz in Arizona. A vote for Kasich in Arizona is a vote for Donald Trump, the one candidate most likely to lose to Hilary Clinton and someone who abandoned the fight for marriage at the moment we needed leadership the most.

In addition to working hard to promote candidates who will champion the cause of marriage, NOM is fighting hard to win legal protections so that people who believe in marriage are not punished by government for living out their beliefs in their daily lives. We've all seen countless individuals and small businesses be targeted — bakers, florists, innkeepers, photographers, etc. — and threatened with financial ruin simply because they did not want to personally participate in a same-sex ceremony in violation of their deeply-held beliefs.

In order for us to continue to fight discrimination against marriage supporters, we must count on our members to renew their membership with a minimum gift of $35. If our members continue to stand with us, we will be able to continue to fight for you and every other American who knows the truth of marriage is a gift from God, one that blesses children and families, and society as a whole.

Your membership in NOM is our lifeblood. It's what allows us to fight in Congress, state legislatures, in court and in the court of public opinion. Please act today to renew your membership with a minimum $35 contribution. If you can give more than $35, I ask you to do so. Right now we are battling on your behalf in Congress and in numerous state legislatures and we need your financial support today.

Thank you for all you are doing to restore true marriage to our law and culture.


Brian S Brown

PS — Please keep in your prayers all those people who were killed or injured today in the terrorist attack in Brussels. This tragedy serves as an important reminder that the selection of the next US president is a critical choice. We need a serious candidate who will protect our nation from the scourge of Islamic extremism.

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Georgia Passes Weakened Religious Liberty Bill

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Georgia legislature succumbed to pressure from the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBT extremists and significantly watered down religious liberty protections before sending the legislation (HB 757) to Governor Nathan Deal for his signature. Incredibly, it's possible that Governor Deal will not sign even the modest protections in the bill, which are designed to protect pastors and religious groups from having to perform same-sex 'weddings' or forcing them to be hosted at their facilities.

NOM asks you to urge Governor Deal to sign HB 757 into law even though it is far from the robust legal protections that people of faith deserve. Please sign our petition to Governor Deal today.

Opponents of the bill like to talk about “discrimination” but the fact of the matter is that the only people who've been discriminated against when it comes to gay 'marriage' are people of faith. Individuals, small businesses and religious organizations have been sued, fined, punished and threatened with jail simply for standing up for the truth of marriage in their daily lives.

Please sign our petition to Governor Nathan Deal asking him to support the modest religious freedoms protected by HB 757.

Over fifty million people in nearly three dozen states across our great nation went to the polls to cast their ballots in favor of defining marriage as one man and one woman. Countless legislators in numerous additional states represented the wishes of their constituents in a similar fashion by passing legislation to preserve traditional marriage. Yet, tragically, these votes were stolen by five unelected lawyers on the US Supreme Court when they issued their illegitimate, anti-constitutional ruling redefining marriage last year.

It's because of the illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court that legislatures and citizens must act now to protect the common-sense rights of Americans when it comes to gay 'marriage,' rights which previously were taken for granted. It should be patently obvious that no American should be forced to participate in a same-sex 'wedding' ceremony against their will, but since the LGBT extremists won't accept such common-sense, it's essential that statues be enacted providing people of faith with legal protections.

Governor Nathan Deal has an opportunity to take a modest but good step toward supporting the rights of all Georgians to live out their faith without fear of retaliation by government officials reacting to intense pressure by LGBT activists. Please urge him to do so by signing our petition today.

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Brian S Brown

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BREAKING: Big Victory for our First Freedom in Missouri

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The Missouri State Senate has passed Senate Joint Resolution (SJR39) that will put to the voters a Constitutional amendment protecting those of us who want to live out the truth that marriage is the union of one man and one woman in Missouri.

I don't need to tell you that our First Freedom is under attack.

As we've seen across the country Christians who stand for marriage have been under attack, even being sued for not using their talents to support same-sex "marriage".

A great first step has been taken in Missouri. The Senate will vote once more and is expected to again pass the legislation so we need you to ACT NOW to make sure that the House passes this bill so that it can go to the voters this year!


Brian S Brown

P.S. The far-left media is losing it over this bill. Here's the NY Times article. The other side will be aggressively lobbying to stop this bill. Please act now!

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