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Chuck Todd Embodies Rank Media Bias

There should be no doubt who the media wants to pick as the Republican nominee – Marco Rubio.

This morning on the Today Show, NBC’s top political correspondent, Chuck Todd, criticized Sen. Rubio’s debate performance and went so far as to say that had Rubio done better in the debate he would have wrapped up the Republican nomination!

What incredible bias. Marco Rubio is a good man and he’s a strong supporter of marriage and life, but he finished third in Iowa behind Ted Cruz and trails in New Hampshire and in national polls as well.

Despite this, Chuck Todd was shameless in setting Rubio up as the media’s favorite Republican candidate. Todd said that Rubio had an opportunity to “take control of the race” at the debate. But then Todd went so far as to unmask the media bias, saying, “[Rubio] ended up blowing an opportunity that I think could have meant securing the nomination believe it or not.”

What an outrageous and, frankly, idiotic comment. Keep in mind, this guy is the moderator of NBC’s Meet The Press show and also has just moderated a debate among the Democratic candidates for president!

Note how Todd attempts to ignore Sen. Ted Cruz who actually won the Iowa caucuses and is polling second in both New Hampshire and nationally. For that matter, he also apparently dismisses Donald Trump who came in second in Iowa and leads the polls in New Hampshire and nationally. Only one state has voted and the race has not even begun in key regions of the country.

The amazing thing is that Todd no doubt thinks he can get away with declaring Rubio to be on the threshold of securing the Republican nomination because the media has picked the last several Republican nominees. This is at the heart of the grassroots revolt occurring now in the Republican party. They want candidates to stand for true conservative principles and demonstrate the willingness to back them up with action.

This is why NOM endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz. He is not only right on the issues, he’s signed our pledge committing himself to take specific actions in support of marriage and religious liberty – and Cruz has already led by sponsoring the marriage amendment to restore the right of states to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

We’re not going to let liberal media elites like Chuck Todd declare who will be the Republican nominee for president. We trust that voters won’t, either.

Big Win in Indiana

Great news late this afternoon out of Indiana: The Indiana Legislature has dropped consideration of legislation to grant special rights to gays and lesbians that would have weakened religious liberty in the state. This is a great win for common sense and for supporters of true marriage.

NOM worked hard with allies to defeat this so-called sexual orientation/gender identity legislation. A key backer of the legislation, Sen. David Long, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, said that legislators had been "hit hard from all sides" and that groups from outside the state were not "truly seeking a solution." However, contrary to Sen. Long's assertion, this legislation is a solution in search of a problem. What legislators heard from their constituents was that gays and lesbians are not entitled to special legal protections and that SOGI legislation like that being considered in Indiana becomes a club for LGBT activists to use against supporters of marriage and people of faith, stripping them of their religious liberty rights to refuse to participate in advancing the LGBT agenda.

NOM is grateful to Micah Clark of American Family Association of Indiana and Curt Smith of Indiana Family Institute for their leadership on this critical issue.

Victory in Iowa

Dear Marriage Supporter,

We won a huge victory for marriage last night when Sen. Ted Cruz secured a tremendous win in Iowa, defeating the establishment and the elite and standing tall for grassroots conservatives in Iowa, and across the country.

NOM went all-in to support Senator Cruz, endorsing him and continuously urging people to support his candidacy. We also fought tirelessly against his leading opponent, businessman Donald Trump.

We congratulate Senator Cruz on a tremendous campaign. His victory was one for the history books, winning a record number of votes, more than any Republican in the history of the Iowa caucuses! Now he will get a well-deserved bounce coming out of Iowa as he heads to New Hampshire and South Carolina after that.

Senator Cruz is a champion for marriage and religious liberty and his victory last night sends a powerful message to the nation's elite that the American people utterly reject the anti-constitutional, illegitimate ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage. His win should send shockwaves throughout Washington, and provide real momentum for legislation to protect supporters of marriage from retaliation or punishment for standing for the truth of marriage in their daily lives and at work.

In fact, the Iowa campaign served to underscore the depth of support for true marriage that exists in America. Ted Cruz was endorsed by NOM, is the author of a proposed constitutional amendment restoring to states the right to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and is a co-author of the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) to protect believers in marriage. Marco Rubio, who nearly overtook Donald Trump for second place, also is an articulate supporter of marriage and is a co-author of FADA. Even Donald Trump realized that marriage is a strong value supported by Americans and campaigned in the final days as a marriage supporter, one who would consider appointing Supreme Court judges who would reverse the illegitimate Supreme Court ruling.

NOM is proud to have played a key role in supporting Sen. Cruz and helping him win in Iowa. Now we must turn our attention to New Hampshire, South Carolina and the coming states who will vote before we know it.

Electing a marriage champion is critical to the cause of marriage and our ability to restore marriage to our nation's laws. We will continue to do everything in our power to elect Ted Cruz and to demonstrate to the nation that support for traditional marriage remains strong, an enduring value that the American people demand be restored to our nation's laws.

The initial response to our 2016 membership drive has been extremely encouraging. Thank you to all those supporters who responded to our request, renewing their membership in NOM with a minimum $35 contribution!

Contributions from members are the lifeblood of NOM. Without that support we simply cannot effectively undertake the hard work necessary to defend marriage, to fight to restore true marriage to our nation's laws and to protect the religious liberty rights of Americans who believe in marriage.

That's why I'm writing to urge you to renew your membership in NOM today by making a minimum contribution of $35. If you can renew your support at a higher level, please consider doing so. We definitely need it!

As we've discussed before, 2016 will be a pivotal year for the cause of marriage. In addition to electing a new president who very likely will have the opportunity to appoint several new justices to the US Supreme Court, we also will have a major battle in Congress to pass the First Amendment Defense Act, critical legislation needed to protect the civil rights of people to continue to support marriage in the daily lives and at work without fear of punishment or reprisal.

2016 is also the year that we must invest in reinvigorating the grassroots with meaningful education and training. We are working hard to develop educational materials that will help grassroots supporters be better informed about the issues and be able to participate in small group discussions about ways to restore true marriage in our culture.

But all these programs are dependent on members like you renewing their membership. Please act today to renew your membership for a minimum of $35 so that we can move full-speed ahead in support of the great cause of marriage.

Our membership drive throughout February is an absolutely critical period for us, especially because we fell a bit short in our year-end matching gift challenge. The fact is that we don't have the type of cushion we had hoped for entering the year, meaning that every person who renews their membership in NOM for a minimum of $35 is extremely important.

I know I can count on you to step up and renew your membership for at least $35. If you can do more, I ask you to do so.

Thank you for your support. Onward to New Hampshire!


Brian S Brown

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A clear choice for Iowa

Dear Marriage Supporter,

The nation is watching Iowa. The results of the upcoming caucus on February 1st will be a defining moment in the presidential race. Iowa has a chance to send forth a trusted conservative, someone who is a champion for marriage, life, religious liberty, as well as someone who is committed to making America strong again, economically and militarily.

By all accounts, the race in Iowa is narrowing to two leading contenders, Sen. Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump. This presents Iowans with a clear choice:

Sen. Ted Cruz is a proven champion for marriage, an opponent of the US Supreme Court's illegitimate ruling redefining marriage and a principled fighter determined to do something about it. Donald Trump says that now that the Supreme Court imposed its views, "we have to accept it."

Sen. Cruz has spent his entire public life fighting the evil that is abortion, has called for an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and has demanded that individuals who engaged in the illegal selling of body parts harvested from babies be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Until recently, Donald Trump was proudly pro-choice, has mentioned his pro-abortion sister as someone he'd consider appointing to the US Supreme Court, and even today after the scandal of the barbaric harvesting and sale of fetal body parts still hedges when it comes to defunding Planned Parenthood.

NOM has endorsed Sen. Cruz for President of the United States for one simple reason: he is a trusted, proven conservative who will be a champion for the issues we care about. Sen. Cruz signed NOM's marriage pledge committing himself to taking specific actions as president to help restore marriage to our nation's laws, and to protect the rights of Americans to live out their views of marriage in their daily lives and at work.

Donald Trump has made no commitments to fight for marriage, or the rights of supporters of marriage to not be discriminated against and punished for refusing to go along with the lie that is same-sex 'marriage.'

Look, I fully realize that Donald Trump presents many attractive qualities that appeal to voters sick and tired of being betrayed by the political class. He throws political correctness to the wind, a refreshing characteristic, and he is independent of any moneyed influence — another attractive factor.

But the issue really comes down to this: who can you trust? The answer to that is clear: Iowans can trust Ted Cruz to do what he says he will do.

When the Iowa Supreme Court illegitimately imposed same-sex 'marriage' on the state, you and I didn't just accept their anti-constitutional ruling. We moved forward to remove three sitting judges from the Supreme Court, including then Chief Justice Marcia Ternus.

Working together with our allies, we won a great victory and sent a clear message across the nation that voters would not sit idly by and watch activist judges impose their own views of marriage on citizens. We fought for our principles, and we won.

Contrast the principled actions of Iowa voters in removing activist judges with the reaction of Donald Trump when the US Supreme Court imposed gay 'marriage' on the nation. Trump didn't fight back, he quit the fight entirely.

Mr. Trump told MSNBC:

"You have to go with it. The decision's been made, and that is the law of the land."

Some champion.

If Donald Trump's views about judicial activism from the US Supreme Court were accepted by President Lincoln, slavery would be "the law of the land" in America today. We would have had "to go with it." But instead of accepting the Dred Scott decision as binding precedent on the nation, President Lincoln worked to limit its application and led a principled fight against the great evil of slavery. And he won.

Sen. Ted Cruz is the Abraham Lincoln of this race. A constitutional scholar, Sen. Cruz is committed to leading the fight to restore marriage to our nation's laws and to protecting the rights of Americans to continue to act in support of traditional marriage at home, at work and in the full exercise of their daily lives.

Cruz is the author of a proposed constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right of states to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And he is a sponsor of federal legislation to prohibit the government from taking any adverse action against supporters of traditional marriage.

In order to win a fight against an evil, you have to wage the battle. Like the voters of Iowa did, Sen. Cruz will fight for marriage and for the values we cherish. Donald Trump has already quit.

This election is the most important in the history of our nation. We absolutely must elect someone who is a proven champion for the issues and values we hold dear. We cannot take a risk on someone we cannot trust, someone who will not fight for our issues.

The next president could appoint numerous Supreme Court justices and marriage could well be back before our highest court. In Ted Cruz, we will have a president who absolutely will make sure that Supreme Court justices follow the constitution and not invent "rights" to things like same-sex 'marriage.'

You know, past Republican presidents have given us some terrible appointments to the Supreme Court, including the disastrous Anthony Kennedy who has redefined marriage and helped impose unfettered abortion on the nation. We cannot afford any more of those types of justices.

Whatever you may think about Ted Cruz, you know you can trust him to stand by his principles. We can absolutely trust him to give us solid Supreme Court justices who will uphold our values.

And whatever you may think about Donald Trump, you must surely know that you absolutely cannot trust that he will give us Supreme Court justices who will uphold our values. He's already abandoned our values on marriage and life, and he's already signaled that judges like his pro-abortion sister should be appointed to the US Supreme Court where they can continue to impose their own views rather than follow the US constitution.

It was my great honor to work with the people of Iowa in 2010 when we removed those three Supreme Court justices from office. Now I am asking you to take another principled stand.

Please, it is imperative that you support Sen. Ted Cruz for president of the United States. This will likely be the most important vote you will ever cast. I ask you to do everything in your power to attend the caucus, and to vote for Sen. Ted Cruz. Please talk with all your friends, colleagues and neighbors and ask them to do the same. You can feel free to forward my note to anyone you think should see it.

The eyes of the nation are watching, and the future of the nation is in your hands.

Thank you for standing strong for marriage, and the values that we care about.


Brian S Brown

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✉ Petition Pence

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Unbelievably, Republican Governor Mike Pence of Indiana is considering endorsing a Bathroom Bill in Indiana that would ignore the reality of being male and female and allow men to use intimate facilities reserved for women and girls (bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, etc.) He's considering kowtowing to the radical left despite the overwhelming voter rejection of a similar proposal in Houston just a few weeks ago.

Once seen as a conservative rising star among Republican elected officials, Pence badly mishandled the religious liberty issue last year in Indiana and signed into law legislation that seriously damages the ability of Hoosiers to live out their faith in their everyday lives. Now he is considering going even farther — letting men into intimate facilities reserved for girls and women.

Please act immediately to sign our petition to Governor Pence urging him to reject any Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) legislation in Indiana. These SOGI bills always strip people of their religious liberty rights. And they endanger women and children and strip them of their privacy rights not to be confronted by a man in women's clothing in a restroom.

Once you've signed the petition, please forward it to at least five others and ask them to sign. We need a massive national uprising to show Governor Pence that we are watching and that we demand he not succumb to pressure from the radical left.


Brian S Brown

PS — Governor Pence could announce his decision any day. Please act immediately by signing our petition. Then forward it to at least five others who might sign.

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NOM Hits the Airwaves in Response to Alabama Decision

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Late yesterday Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore issued an order preventing state judges from granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples until the full state Supreme Court can consider the implications of the US Supreme Court's decision in the Obergefell case purportedly redefining marriage.

I went on Megyn Kelly's "The Kelly File" show last night on Fox to defend Alabama's action and fought hard against the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court in Obergefell. I compared it to the Dred Scott decision upholding slavery, and the Buck v Bell ruling allowing forced sterilization of the mentally ill. And I pointed out that if we surrender important principles and values to five unelected judges on the Supreme Court, then we will have surrendered democracy itself.

Here's a link to the interview.

While I respect Megyn Kelly, she unfortunately articulated the pervasive, but wrong-headed, legal concept of judicial supremacy — that a decision of the US Supreme Court "settles" an issue and that everyone must act accordingly. There is no constitutional basis for this approach.

The US Supreme Court decision in Obergefell was anti-constitutional and illegitimate. They invented a right to same-sex 'marriage' out of thin air. There is nothing in our nation's laws, history or constitution that requires states to redefine marriage. The Supreme Court does not have the power to force the other branches of government to act, nor do they have the power to create positive law.

Under normal circumstances, the other branches of government, other federal courts, and the states will move to adjust their laws and practices to conform with a ruling of the US Supreme Court. However, when the Court issues an obviously erroneous ruling — as they did in Dred Scott, Buck and now in Obergefell — the other branches of government and the states must determine how to respond.

Over 70 prominent legal scholars have examined the issues in the Obergefell ruling and they have advised states to continue to uphold their state laws and state constitutional provisions regarding marriage.

Alabama, and other states, must review the decision to determine how it impacts their state constitutional definition of marriage. The litigants to the Obergefell case do not live in Alabama and the case that the Supreme Court considered did not arise from Alabama. Chief Justice Moore has suspended the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses in order for the state Supreme Court to decide for itself how to react to the Obergefell ruling.

I've been encouraged by some of the positive emails I received from NOM members right after I appeared on Megyn Kelly's show. One person wrote, "I wanted to compliment Mr. Brown regarding his appearance last night on the 'Kelly File'. What a strong commanding performance. Not an easy thing to accomplish as he was facing such a formidable presence in Megyn. He poignantly addressed her opposition with such skill & panache."

The US Supreme Court did not settle the issue of marriage. This decision remains up to the people of America, acting through their elected officials.


Brian S Brown

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BREAKING: Alabama Chief Justice Orders State Judges To Refrain From Issuing Same-Sex 'Marriage' Licenses

BREAKING NEWS: Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has ordered state probate judges to continue to enforce a previous ruling of the state Supreme Court barring the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples, despite the ruling of the US Supreme Court purportedly imposing same-sex marriage on the nation. Justice Moore's ruling will remain in place until the full state Supreme Court considers whether state judges are bound to continue to uphold the state's constitution, which provides that marriage can only be between one man and one woman.

While a narrow majority of the US Supreme Court purported to redefine marriage for the country in the Obergefell ruling, the case they considered only involved four states in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Since the Obergefell ruling, several developments have called into question the SCOTUS majority's claimed scope of their ruling.

A compelling statement issued by over seventy legal scholars made the case that the Obergefell ruling utterly lacked any constitutional basis, was anti-constitutional and illegitimate. They declared that state officials should consider the Obergefell ruling to be binding only on the specific parties to that case.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that that the Obergefell ruling did not directly invalidate the marriage laws of states under its jurisdiction.

And a District Court judge in Kansas was even more direct, ruling that Obergefell did not directly strike down Kansas law limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

These legal developments are consistent with the developing resistance in America to the Supreme Court's attempt to legislate from the bench when it comes to marriage, ignoring the federal constitution in the process and inventing out of thin air a "right" to same-sex 'marriage.'

The American people reject judicial activism of the US Supreme Court and their attempt to redefine marriage. They continue to support marriage as it has existed throughout our nation's history, the union of one man and one woman.


The Left's View Of "Balance" is Badly Imbalanced

The Los Angeles Times, a bastion of liberal ideology and a longtime supporter of redefining marriage, ended 2015 with an editorial that shows how badly skewed the mainstream media has become on marriage and the homosexual agenda.

The Times writes about a disturbing court case out of Massachusetts where a judge ruled that a Catholic high school (Fontbonne Academy) acted illegally when it withdrew an employment offer to a man who was in a homosexual 'marriage' because he could not properly represent Catholic identity and teaching. Prior to offering the man a position as a food director, the high school explained to the applicant that it expected all employees to be "ministers of the mission" and the man assured the school officials he agreed. After receiving the job offer, later that day he completed an employment form disclosing for the first time that he had entered a homosexual 'marriage.' Upon learning of this, the school promptly withdrew the offer because his 'marriage' was incompatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church. The man sued and shortly before Christmas, Judge Douglas Wilkins ruled that the school must comply with "sexual orientation discrimination" laws notwithstanding its religious mission.

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts rightly condemned this court decision as a "full frontal assault on religious liberty," one that would "compel Catholic institutions to hire those who reject and despise Catholic teaching, fatally impairing the constitutionally protected right of those institutions to carry on their mission."

How did the LA Times react to the ruling? They said it was "balanced" and a "model for the nation." In the Times' skewed vision of the new world order, church-run schools should be able to hire clergy and religion teachers that uphold their religious beliefs - but that's it. Other staff, presumably including administrators and teachers, should not be required to model the church's religious beliefs. They went on to call on Congress to enact employment protections for homosexuals that embodied this "balanced approach."

The extreme position taken by Judge Wilkins and praised by the LA Times is representative of the endemic efforts of the media and elite to force an embrace of same-sex 'marriage' on every individual and group in the nation regardless of their deeply-held, often religious, views. In this new orthodoxy, it's not enough that same-sex couples can get 'married.' Every single person and group is expected to salute and endorse the act. Every baker, florist, photographer and similar professional must participate if asked. And every religion must accept it except in very narrow circumstances.

Of course, this new orthodoxy does not comport with the constitution, nor is it representative of the views of the American people.

This case serves as an important reminder why it is essential that states and Congress pass the First Amendment Defense Act to protect individuals, organizations and churches from discrimination for living out their views of marriage in the public square.

LifeSiteNews has the story. Here's the press release from the Catholic Action League, and the LA Times' editorial is here.

State Seizes Christian Couple's Bank Accounts To Pay Lesbians Over 'Wedding' Cake Dispute

In a shocking development, the state of Oregon has raided three bank accounts owned by Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who politely refused to bake a "wedding" cake for a lesbian couple because of their sincerely held religious beliefs. At the time of the refusal, same-sex "marriage" was illegal in Oregon, but that mattered not to the lesbian activists who claimed "emotional distress" that a devoutly Christian couple would not want to participate in celebrating their "wedding." After they filed a legal complaint, an administrative commissioner ordered the couple to pay $135,000 in damages to the offended lesbians -- a ruling that has been widely condemned by legal experts both for its outrageous amount and for its abject failure to comply with religious liberty protections guaranteed under state and federal law.

The Klein's are appealing the decision -- which was issued by a bureaucrat at the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries -- and asked for a delay in collections while the appeal was pending. The same bureaucrat who issued the order denied the delay and moved aggressively to seize $7,000 in funds in the Klein's personal bank accounts -- one of which contained money set aside for their tithe to the Lord!

The Klein's have decided to pay the $135,000 judgment (fortunately, faithful Americans across the country donated enough to cover the fine) while they continue their appeal.

The experience of this young Christian couple is one of the reasons why NOM continues to fight the lie of same-sex 'marriage' and its corresponding falsehood that redefining marriage won't have consequences for average Americans.

Fox has the story here.

NOM to Query Presidential Candidates Today

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I'm writing with big news. This evening I will be in Des Moines, Iowa for the last major pro-family forum of presidential candidates before the Iowa Caucuses. NOM is a co-sponsor of the Presidential Family Forum, and I will have the opportunity to ask the candidates to expound on their position in support of marriage and religious liberty, and to help Americans better understand how these candidates would govern when it comes to these issues.

NOM has co-sponsored two previous presidential forums in Iowa this year. This is an example of the leadership we exert, both publicly and behind the scenes, to restore marriage to its rightful place in the law and to protect supporters of marriage from harassment and discrimination. You see, electing a pro-marriage champion as president is the fastest way to reverse the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage, and to ensuring that the government does not discriminate against supporters of traditional marriage.

Offer Your Support Now

Our work on your behalf and on behalf of all Americans who believe in marriage is dependent upon your financial support. We don't have billionaires contributing to our cause; we depend on grassroots support from you and others. Please consider making a contribution of $15, $25, $50, $100 or even $250 or more so that we can continue to exert critical leadership to restore marriage and protect the rights of all people who support God's design for marriage — the union of one man and one woman.

The forum tonight is the granddaddy of all the events we helped sponsor in Iowa. Not only will candidates have to answer direct questions about pro-family issues, but we will have the opportunity to better understand their worldview when it comes to our issues, and to lay bare how that viewpoint would influence their approach to governing. Here's how the website for the event describes tonight's forum: "It's the last call. It's the big one. And best of all, it's the one where politics take a backseat, worldviews get stripped bare, and hearts are revealed for all to see. It's the one where you get to see what really makes the candidates tick."

I am excited to be able to ask the candidates about marriage, and their responses will be very influential in any future actions NOM might take in the run-up to the presidential vote.

Will you please chip in a donation of $15 or more right now? Your contribution will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor. It's really important that we hear from you today.

I'll chip in $15 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $25 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $50 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $100 realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

I'll chip in $250 or more realizing that NOM will receive a matching gift, doubling my contribution.

NOM recognized early on that the election of the next president would be a pivotal moment in determining if reversing the Supreme Court's ruling takes several years or several decades. There's no doubt that eventually the lie of same-sex marriage will make itself clear to people as they witness the reality of children suffering under a viewpoint that strips marriage of gender-complementarity and denies children the love of one of their natural parents. But we have the opportunity in 2016 to take a major step to avoid a 40-year battle as we've had to wage on life in the wake of Roe v Wade, and take a decisive step toward remaking the US Supreme Court when several justices who voted to redefine marriage retire during the next presidential term, which they are expected to do. It could take as few as just one new Supreme Court justice to reverse the marriage decision!

This is why we have devoted considerable time and resources to examining the candidates and to really understanding their views. It's imperative that the next president appoint judges who will reverse the Obergefell ruling that redefined marriage, and who will take actions as president to protect the right of individuals and states to act in support of marriage. So we've issued our Presidential Pledge that has been signed by several leading candidates, and also encouraged grassroots Americans to sign The People's Marriage Pledge. We've worked behind the scenes to learn as much as possible about each candidate's true character when it comes to fighting for marriage, and we've helped support major public forums so that Americans can see for themselves how the candidates engage the marriage issue.

Our ability to influence the presidential election is entirely dependent on whether you give us the resources to do so. We don't have big labor unions or corporate billionaires, but if we can convince thousands of grassroots Americans to stand with us, then we can make a tremendous difference. Please be one of those with the determination to stand, and make your most generous donation to NOM. Your gift of $15, $25, $50, $75 or $100 or more will be put to immediate use, and will be matched by a generous donor.

For a long while we've seen politicians get away with paying lip service to the issues we care deeply about. Many claim to be "pro life" and "pro marriage" but few actually do anything about it. We can't settle for lip service any longer! We need a president who is truly committed to leading and taking concrete action to restore marriage:

  • A president who will advocate for a federal marriage amendment;
  • A president who is committed to overturning the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the Supreme Court redefining marriage;
  • A president who will sign the First Amendment Defense Act into law;
  • A president who will reverse improper actions by the Obama Administration advancing a redefinition of marriage;
  • A president who will champion the truth of marriage as a profoundly important institution for men and women, and especially any children born of their union.

As I get ready to engage the candidates tonight in Des Moines, please let me know that you are standing with me. Please make a generous contribution today to support NOM.


Brian S Brown

PS — Every dollar you are able to contribute to us will be doubled thanks to a generous donor. Your $25 contribution becomes $50, and your gift of $100 will result in NOM receiving $200. As we get ready to make a major push to elect a pro-marriage champion as president, please give generously.

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Big Victories For Marriage!

Dear Marriage Supporter,

I have fantastic news to share — marriage won huge victories last night in critical election races in Houston and Kentucky! These electoral victories prove without a doubt that the American people do not accept the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage, and they reject the attempt by the left to use that illegitimate ruling as a springboard to further advance the agenda of those who wish to destroy marriage.

Voters went to the polls and overwhelming rejected the LGBT agenda in Houston, where the city's lesbian mayor, backed by the money and muscle of the grossly misnamed Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and other national LGBT groups, attempted to force through an ordinance that prohibited discrimination based on "gender identity" and "sexual orientation." Nearly 62% of Houston voters said "NO" to the so-called Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which was jammed through the City Council by Houston's mayor.

It's a tremendous victory for supporters of marriage and common sense, people who realize that biology trumps "feelings" and "identity" when it comes to men and women. It is not discrimination to treat a man as a man, even if that person wants to say that he "feels" he's a woman. And it is not discrimination to keep men out of intimate facilities reserved for women, like bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. Keeping sex-segregated facilities separate is common sense, a policy that protects people's privacy and safety.

It's also a tremendous victory for NOM in our battle against the HRC and groups that are bent on imposing same-sex 'marriage' like Marriage Equality USA and the American Unity Fund. These groups contributed nearly $700,000 through October 23rd, and likely hundreds of thousands more in recent days. They organized their supporters across the country to make calls.

And they lost — big time!

NOM was a major financial contributor to the Campaign for Houston, the grassroots group that spearheaded the referendum, and we worked hard to organize our supporters all over the country to contribute directly to the campaign, and to get out to vote against the ordinance.

The results give us a tremendous sense of pride and encouragement to redouble our efforts nationwide to fight for the truth of marriage, the complementarity of men and women, and the rights of children. We congratulate the leadership and supporters of the Campaign For Houston on their tremendous success, especially Jared Woodfill, the campaign manager.

But Houston was not our only victory for marriage last night!

In Kentucky, pro-marriage champion Matt Bevin soundly defeated the gay marriage movement's candidate, incumbent Attorney General Jack Conway. NOM endorsed Mr. Bevin several weeks ago and has worked to promote his candidacy. Bevin pledged to support marriage and protect marriage supporters like Kim Davis and others who will not violate their conscience to be personally complicit in the lie that is same-sex 'marriage.' In contrast, Conway refused to defend the state's marriage amendment as attorney general and was a major reason why it failed in court.

Now Conway's career lies on the trash heap of history, and a pro-marriage champion, Matt Bevin, is ascending to the governorship of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Once again, when given the opportunity to cast a free vote, the American people have voted for the truth of marriage and for candidates who stand with them. We congratulate Matt Bevin on his tremendous victory, and look forward to working with him to enact legislation that will protect all marriage supporters, including Kim Davis, from discrimination and retaliation for refusing to go along with the illegitimate and unjust ruling of the Supreme Court in attempting to impose a redefined version of marriage on the nation.

The results in Houston and Kentucky also serve as the latest abject lesson for our side: never believe polling claims that purport to show that the public is somehow embracing the redefinition of marriage or the expansion of the LGBT agenda. These polls are dead wrong. Supporters of the Houston ordinance constantly claimed that the polls showed they would win, yet they got trounced. And in Kentucky, the media was claiming that Jack Conway held a commanding 5 point lead over Matt Bevin days before the election and was the overwhelming favorite to win. Again, Conway got creamed, losing to Bevin by 9 points.

The truth is that when the American people are allowed to cast free and fair ballots in the privacy of the polling booth, they stand for marriage and the candidates who stand with them.

We thank you for all your work in Houston and in Kentucky to help secure these great victories, and for your faithful support of NOM. Once again, we've put everything we could into the fight and are in need of your financial support to replenish our coffers. Please make a celebratory donation to NOM today so that we can begin to focus on the critical opportunities before us, including electing a pro-marriage champion as our next president.


Brian S Brown

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Will Houston Voters be Truly Heroic and Stand Against "HERO"?

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Today is Election Day in many parts of the country. NOM is particularly watching races in Houston, TX and in Kentucky.

In Houston, voters have the rare opportunity to overturn an act of their City Council thanks to a referendum that local citizens qualified to the ballot. The grossly-misnamed Houston Equal Rights Ordinance would give the LGBT community special legal rights including the ability for men to use restrooms and showers reserved for women simply by claiming a "gender identity" of the opposite sex. They call it the HERO ordinance, but there is nothing heroic about risking the privacy and safety of people to pursue a PC policy on behalf of a tiny group of people that is advanced by the city's lesbian mayor.

Just having the opportunity to vote on this dangerous ordinance has been a tremendous struggle. The mayor and city officials did everything they could to disregard the voter petitions, even notoriously threatening local pastors with demands to review all their sermons and correspondence about the measure in order to pressure them to drop their campaign. The Texas Supreme Court had to order the measure on the ballot.

Our friend Ryan Anderson from The Heritage Foundation has written a thoughtful piece about the problems with the Houston ordinance and others like it which I commend to your attention.

If you live in Houston, or have family or friends there, please do everything possible to get out and vote against the proposed ordinance. And if you can, please consider making a financial contribution, as NOM has, to the Campaign For Houston to defeat this proposal. National gay and lesbian groups who are determined to rewrite society have taken note of NOM's support of the campaign to overturn this ordinance, and are working overtime to get their allies involved to counter us. Please stand strong for common sense, biology and truth and support the Campaign For Houston in their work to overturn this terrible ordinance.

Meanwhile in Kentucky, two important statewide races are on the ballot. NOM has endorsed Matt Bevin in his race for Governor of Kentucky. Bevin is running for this open seat to replace Gov. Steve Beshear against the incumbent state Attorney General, Jack Conway. Conway is one of the people most responsible for marriage being redefined in Kentucky because he refused to mount a defense of Kentucky's state marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. He betrayed the 75% of Kentucky voters who approved marriage.

Meanwhile, Beshear's son, Andy Beshear, is running for Attorney General to replace Conway. The younger Beshear has defended the decision of his father to abandon marriage and force local officials like Kim Davis to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples that violate the state constitution. His refusal to grant them a reasonable accommodation is what landed Kim Davis in jail. NOM has endorsed Whitney Westerfield for Attorney General because he's stood strong for marriage and is determined to protect the religious liberty rights of marriage supporters.

Polls indicate that the Kentucky races are close and turnout will be the key. If you live in Kentucky or have friends or family there, please do what you can to urge them to get out to vote for Matt Bevin and Whitney Westerfield.

Elections have consequences, and the races in Houston and Kentucky are important ones. The other side has money and power, but we have the truth and the people. May truth and the people prevail.


Brian S Brown

Science Proves Family Structure Matters

Throughout history it's been obvious to any observer that children in intact families with a married mother and father do much better than children from broken homes or those living in alternative family structures. In recent years, there's been an attempt to deny that reality and convince people that children raised by gay or lesbian parents are somehow exempted from the realities of family life, claiming there are "no differences" in outcomes for these kids or even sometimes suggesting they do better than children raised by a married mother and father in the home. Increasingly, social scientists have been examining this "no differences" claim and, as you might suspect, find it without merit. A distinguished social scientist from the University of Virginia, W. Bradford Wilcox, writes a detailed piece this week for National Review reviewing three recent developments that make it harder for the "family structure denialists" to continue to make the "no differences" claim. He says:

"It’s been a rough two weeks for the family-structure denialists, those progressive academics (Philip Cohen, “How to Live in a World Where Marriage Is in Decline”), journalists (Katie Roiphe, “New York Times, Stop Moralizing About Single Mothers”), and pundits (Matthew Yglesias, “The ‘Decline’ of Marriage Isn’t a Problem”) who seek to minimize or deny the importance of marriage and family structure. That’s because three new pieces of scholarship — a journal, a report, and a study — were released this month that solidify the growing scientific consensus that marriage and family structure matter for children, families, and the nation as a whole."

The studies and reports mention by Wilcox confirm many of the outcome problems that children who lack a married mother and father in the home experience, especially boys lacking the presence of their father at home. Wilcox says these children "are floundering in school and society" and details findings including problems in the areas of truancy and educational attainment, increased behavioral problems, higher cognitive disability, perform worse on standardized school tests and are less likely to graduate from high school. And the article details important new findings that states with higher levels of married parenthood enjoy higher levels of growth, economic mobility for children growing up poor, higher median family income and markedly lower levels of child poverty. Says Wilcox,

"[W]ith study after study showing that children, families, and now even states benefit from strong and stable married families, the job of those who would seek to deny that marriage and family structure also play an important role — the family-structure denialists — is getting harder and harder. That’s because the facts just aren’t with those who seek to deny the scientific evidence that family change is having a major impact on our social environment and — in particular — our boys.

The complete article is available at National Review.

NOM Endorses Matt Bevin, Whitney Westerfield for Kentucky Governor, Attorney General

Contact: Paul Bothwell (202) 457-8060 x-105 [email protected]


Washington – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today announced they have endorsed Matt Bevin in his race for Governor of Kentucky, and Whitney Westerfield as Attorney General of the state. Kentucky is one of three states with off-year elections and will elect a new governor and attorney general on November 3, 2015.

"Matt Bevin and Whitney Westerfield are the clear choices for the 75% of Kentucky voters who cast ballots to preserve marriage as the union of one man and one woman," said Brian Brown, NOM's president. "Bevin and Westerfield have stood up to defend traditional marriage and religious liberty while their opponents, Jack Conway and Andy Beshear, have abandoned voters on marriage and religious liberty."

Jack Conway, the incumbent Attorney General and Democratic candidate for governor, refused to defend the state's marriage amendment when it was challenged by gay activists. Andy Beshear, son of current Democratic governor Steve Beshear and the Democratic candidate for Attorney General to replace Conway, has defended his father's refusal to grant an accommodation to independently elected county clerks who do not wish to personally issue 'marriage' licenses that violate the Kentucky state constitution as well as their religious beliefs. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis spent nearly a week in jail before public pressure resulting in her being freed.

Meanwhile, Matt Bevin, the Republican candidate for governor, has a strong record in support of marriage and religious liberty. He appeared this week at a religious liberty rally in Owensboro, KY and said, "I will fight for our first amendment rights." Whitney Westerfield similarly has a strong record on marriage religious liberty and has called for Governor Beshear to issue an exemption for clerks like Kim Davis or call the Legislature into special session to deal with the problem. "There's a way to do this…to protect the religious freedoms of those people who object," he said at a recent debate with Andy Beshear.

"The issue before the people of Kentucky is whether they want a governor and attorney general who will fight for the rights of Kentuckians to preserve marriage and religious liberty, or will throw in the towel when those rights are challenged by wealthy gay activists," Brown said. "Kentucky deserves to determine its laws for itself, and the voters of Kentucky are entitled to have their decisions respected and defended. Jack Conway and Andy Beshear have abandoned them, but Matt Bevin and Whitney Westerfield will restore honor and leadership to those offices."

NOM referred voters to a statement recently issued by over 60 prominent legal scholars who have declared the recent US Supreme Court ruling to be "anti-constitutional and illegitimate." The scholars say that the ruling should not be considered binding precedent or settled law on anyone but the plaintiffs in the case, and called on state officeholders in Kentucky and elsewhere to "recognize the authority of states to define marriage, and the right of federal and state officeholders to act in accordance with those definitions."

"The people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are not peasants conscribed to do the bidding of their 'masters' on the US Supreme Court," Brown said. "The constitution of the Unites States is the supreme law of the law, not what five unelected judges say it is, and the constitution of Kentucky is the supreme law of the Commonwealth. Voters should demand that their elected officials adhere to the constitution, including the decision of 75% of voters to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman."

# # #

To schedule an interview with Brian Brown, please contact Paul Bothwell, [email protected], (202) 457-8060 x-105.

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Suite 300 Washington, DC 20006, not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Oregon Agency Takes Legal Action to Force Payment of Fine By Christian Bakers

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is taking legal action to attempt to force Aaron and Melissa Klein, the Oregon bakers who declined to bake a ‘wedding’ cake for a same-sex couple based on their religious views, to pay a $135,000 fine. The Kleins have refused to pay the money because it was levied by a bureaucratic agency and the matter is now on appeal to the courts. In the meantime, they’ve made it clear that they have no animosity toward those who filed the complaint, even going as far as sending them handmade cakes. Their objection is to using their talents to help celebrate something that is contrary to their Christian beliefs.

It’s a tragedy that the bureaucrats who acted as judge and jury in ruling against the Kleins (after engaging in substantial private discussions with the state’s top gay rights group) now think they can bully the young Christian couple into paying before the courts have even examined the case. What this family is experiencing is representative of what will happen to the religious liberty rights of Christians and other people of faith whose personal participation in celebrating a gay ‘wedding’ is being routinely demanded by lesbian and gay activists.

The Daily Signal has the story:

Image via The Daily Signal

Image via The Daily Signal

The agency that ordered Aaron and Melissa Klein to pay $135,000 in damages for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple began the legal process last week to seize the money the Oregon bakers are refusing to pay.

“Our agency has docketed the judgment and is exploring collection options,” Charlie Burr, communications director for the agency, told The Daily Signal. “They are entitled to a full and fair review of the case, but do not have the right to disregard a legally binding order.”

Docketing the judgment is a preliminary step the agency must take in order to seize the Kleins’ house, property, or other assets in lieu of payment.

On July 2, Brad Avakian, commissioner of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, ordered the Kleins to pay $135,000 for the emotional, physical, and psychological damages they caused Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer for refusing to make a wedding cake.

Since then, the Kleins have been vocal about their plans to resist the order, and they told The Daily Signal they have no intention of backing down.

“There’s legal reasons and there’s also kind of personal reasons,” Aaron Klein told The Daily Signal in a phone interview. “If a civil court or a circuit court judge had made this order, I would consider it legally binding. But when a bureaucracy does it and I didn’t get due process, I don’t call it legally binding.”

Talking about the personal reasons, Aaron cited a July interview in Willamette Week, where the complainants suggested that the case wasn’t about money.

“We didn’t have a choice in how this was prosecuted,” Rachel Bowman-Cryer said. “We didn’t have a choice in the fine. If we had been given the option, we probably would have said: ‘Just apologize. Just say you’re sorry and go away.’”

Her wife, Laurel, added, “[W]e’re not asking for anything. We’ve never asked for a penny from anybody.”

“When you have these girls come out and say we never wanted the money,” Aaron said, “it wasn’t about the money and we don’t need the money … and I say this isn’t right, I shouldn’t have to pay this money, and the only person saying the money should exchange hands seems to be Brad Avakian.”

Image via Focus On The Family

Image via Focus On The Family

In order to pay the $135,000, the Kleins were given two options: obtain a bond or an irrevocable line of credit, which would guarantee their obligations to the Bowman-Cryers unless the Kleins won their case.

“A bond is going to cost roughly $7,000. That’s $7,000 I’m never going to get back, even if I won on appeal,” Aaron said. “Should I have to pay $7,000? I don’t think that’s fair.”

Taking out a line of credit, he said, would be the same as handing over money to the state.

“I couldn’t find a bank that would do it without just depositing the full amount of money, so it’s not a letter of credit at that point. It’s just the same as giving the state money, and having them hold it, which I don’t trust the state to hold my money any more than I trust them to give me the evidence.”

Instead, the Kleins’ attorneys asked the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries to issue a stay, which is a legal process that would have put the damages payment on hold until their appeals ruling comes out.

(The Kleins filed a petition for review with the Washington Court of Appeals in July, after the final order came out.)

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries denied their request for a stay.

. . .

After the order came out, multiple fundraisers were set up to help the Kleins pay the damages.

Although those fundraisers raised thousands of dollars, Aaron claimed the “half million” figure is “bloated” but did not disclose the final tally.

“The number they’ve given out is bloated,” Klein said. “It is not what we have available, it is not what we have on hand, and there are so many variables to where that money has to go, what has to happen with that money, that we’re not touching that money for any purpose because I don’t know what the future holds.”

If the Kleins eventually win their case in the appellate court, Aaron said they’d like to use that money to first pay their own bills, then “bless” others.

“I’d like to say that we’d definitely help some people out. We’ve had a huge financial hardship through this, so it would be nice to catch up on some bills, but we’d definitely love to bless others.”