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Issa: "There is little reason for the American people to have confidence in this investigation."

Responding to the news this week that the FBI does not plan to file any criminal charges against officials in the IRS who seem to have targeted and harassed conservative groups, Representative Darrel Issa, Chairman of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee, along with Committee member Representative Jim Jordan, responded with some strong words […]

NRO Columnist: Attorney General Holder's Position on Utah is "Lawless"

Writing in National Review Online last Friday, legal expert and columnist Ed Whelan slammed the U.S. Attorney General for taking “lawless action” in regard to the situation in Utah: Holder wrongly invokes the Court’s anti-DOMA decision in Windsor v. United States to justify his action. But Windsor requires that the federal government treat as marriages those same-sex […]

A "Duck Dynasty" Subtext: Corporate Morality and Consumer Activism

Yesterday, the Stand With Phil Robertson page on Facebook generated some buzz with a post on the Starbucks Corporation’s now infamous intolerance toward pro-marriage and pro-family investors. The post refers to an encounter at the Starbucks 2013 annual shareholders meeting between CEO Howard Schultz and shareholder Tom Strobhar. When Strobhar confronted Schultz on Starbucks’ radical […]

Voters and Executives Must Prepare for More Illegitimate Rulings

The fallout from Judge Shelby’s ‘ruling’ overturning Utah’s Marriage Amendment is only just beginning. Yesterday, Bruce Parker of The Daily Caller penned an important piece, “Utah’s lesson for the other 33 pro-marriage states.”  In it he wrote: In a 53-page ruling, which could best be described as a work of judicial fiction, District Court Judge Robert […]

"A nation that forces conformity while calling it tolerance"

Here’s another article on the recent Duck Dynasty media firestorm which it still relevant and timely even after Phil Robertson’s reinstatement by A&E: a piece at penned by Larry Alex Taunton that raises a point that has been missed in much of the media narrative: Tolerance is not the same thing as acceptance, and acceptance is not […]

NJ Legislature's Shell Game on SSM

Ever since this Fall, when a radical activist Judge imposed same-sex marriage on the people of New Jersey unilaterally, the news coming out of the Garden State’s legislature has been a flurry of confusion and contradiction. Several New Jersey politicians had, prior to the Judge’s ruling, been planning to advance a legislative agenda to redefine […]

A Marriage Case to Watch

An article at USA Today draws attention to “A Case With All the Angles” – a legal challenge to the Virginia marriage amendment adopted by the voters of that state in 2006 by an overwhelming majority. The article explains, “The case of Bostic v. Rainey could become the standard-bearer for the same-sex marriage movement as it emerges from last […]

In Indiana: The CEO versus the Citizen

An exchange on the Indianapolis Star’s website over the proposed marriage amendment there (HJR-6) is worth highlighting. On November 19th, the CEO and founder of Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications, Jeff Smulyan, penned an opinion piece (called a “My View”) conveying the message: “Marriage amendment moves Indiana backward.” Expressing his opposition toward the amendment, Smulyan writes: HJR6 doesn’t move […]

Watch Live: Religious Freedom Conference in Rome

From blogger Kathy Schiffer at Patheos comes this notice [emphasis in original]: Beginning today the Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown University, together with Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion, is hosting a two-day conference in Rome to highlight Christianity’s contributions to the understanding and practice of freedom for all people.  At the conference, new findings will be […]

Hundreds of Thousands Rally for Marriage in Taiwan

On Saturday, between 200,000 and 300,000 citizens turned out to protest a bill that would delete the reference to “man and woman” from the civil law defining marriage in Taiwan (known as “Civil Law 972″). Pictures from the event are remarkable: According to President of the Control Yuan party, Wang Chien-shien, marched with the protesters, […]

"One of the most articulate, steadfast, and intrepid defenders of marriage"

CatholicVote blogger John White has compiled a list of “12 Must-Read Quotes from Bishop Paprocki’s Same-Sex Marriage Exorcism” homily. The Bishop made national headlines last week with a special prayer service coinciding with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s signing into law of the recently-passed bill redefining marriage in his state. As White notes, the “entire homily is […]

Obamacare's Marriage Penalties

At The Heritage Foundation’s The Foundry blog, Chris Jacobs writes of “How Obamacare Discourages Work and Marriage.” Jacobs explains that “ the law perpetuates some of the country’s worst trends that trap people in poverty. It includes disincentives for individuals to marry and for Americans of low and modest incomes to work.” The two marriage penalties included in […]

Cardinal George of Illinois lawmakers who quoted the Pope: "Less than intellectually honest"

In a letter to the Archdiocese of Chicago dated November 11 and recently made available on the Archdiocese’s website, Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, lamented the recent passage of a law in Illinois redefining marriage. In particular, the Cardinal (echoing a very similar sentiment to one recently expressed by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone) condemned […]

As Illinois Same-Sex 'Marriage' is Signed into Law, Legal and Religious Leaders Speak Out

Yesterday, Governor Quinn of Illinois signed the deceptively named “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act” into law. This prompted reactions from religious and legal leaders who warned of the bill’s ill effects which will soon be seen. Peter Breen, Senior Counsel for the Thomas More Society, explained that the bill’s name belies its real legal […]

Symposium on "Sex and the Polis" Hosted at the Intercollegiate Review

The indefatigable Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI) is hosting a symposium beginning this week at their online publication, The Intercollegiate Review, which our readers may want to follow. The symposium is entitled “Sex and the Polis: Perspectives on Marriage, Family, and Sexual Ethics,” and the Review’s Associate Editor Christopher Fisher explains its “mission” is “to better understand what effect […]