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Dear Marriage Supporter, The success of NOM’s Summer Membership Drive is absolutely critical for us to generate the resources we need to carry on our essential work fighting for marriage and religious liberty. And I have to tell you, I am disappointed with the response thus far. We should be over 20% toward our goal […]

Do or Die Time for First Amendment Defense Act

Dear Marriage Supporter, A critical committee hearing on the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) is taking place in the House of Representatives tomorrow, Tuesday July 12. It is imperative that members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hear from you that we are counting on them to protect Christians and other people of […]

Four Days Left - Will you be at the March for Marriage this Saturday?

Dear Marriage Supporter, The 2016 March for Marriage is just four days away. Will you be able to join us in Washington, DC on Saturday for this critical event? Please go to our special website at to find all the details and to RSVP. By letting us know that you plan to attend, not […]

Obama's Gender Insanity Must Be Stopped

Dear Marriage Supporter, President Obama is working overtime to impose the dangerous agenda of LGBT extremists. As you know, he’s already demanding that every public school in America comply with an edict opening school bathrooms, showers and locker rooms to members of the opposite sex based on “gender identity.” This risks the privacy and safety […]

Say No To Target

Dear Marriage Supporter, Our boycott of Target Stores is in full swing. If you have not yet personally joined the boycott of Target Stores for their decision to risk the privacy and safety of girls and women in restrooms and changing rooms, please sign the petition today. NOM has launched a new Say No To […]

NOM Vows to Unseat Three Republicans Who Betrayed Missouri Voters and People of Faith

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 27, 2016 Contact: Chris Plante (202) 457-8060 x-812 [email protected] Washington, D.C. – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today vowed to unseat Representatives Anne Zerr, Jim Hansen and Caleb Rowden because of their refusal to support SJR 39 which would allow Missouri voters to protect the right of Christians and people […]

Trump’s Ignorance of Key Issues An Ongoing Problem

For most of his career, Donald Trump has been a businessman and a reality TV entertainer, not a political aspirant who is expected to have a grasp of key public issues. Now that he’s running for president, Trump is trying to get educated, but he’s relying on the source he knows best – “the shows” […]

Demand that Congress Get Off Its Rear and Prohibit Government Discrimination Against People of Faith

Dear Marriage Supporter, It’s been ten months since Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Raul Labrador introduced the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) protecting the right of Christians and people of faith to live out the truth of marriage in their daily lives and at work without fear of being punished for doing so by the […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Writes: No Obama Nominee To Court Will Be Considered By Senate

In a strong op-ed to the Wall Street Journal, Sen. Ted Cruz has laid out a powerful case why President Obama’s expected nominee to the Supreme Court should not be confirmed by the US Senate. Instead, the nomination  of the next Justice should wait until the People have a say through the election of the […]

University Student Expelled For Opposing Gay 'Marriage'

In a shocking story out of the UK, a university postgraduate student on a path to become a social worker was expelled for posting on his personal Facebook page his opposition to gay ‘marriage.’ The “fitness to practise” panel at Sheffield University told student Felix Ngole, a committed Christian, that his post, “may have caused […]

Brian Sandoval Makes Our Point

Dear Marriage Supporter, In a brazen attempt to get away with making another appointment to the US Supreme Court to complete his attempt to shift the court dangerously to the left, President Obama’s administration leaked the fact that he was considering nominating the Republican governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, to fill the vacancy created with […]

The Great Heart of Antonin Scalia

Many thanks to NOM friend Ed Whelan for passing along this beautiful piece by Jeffrey Tucker that gives us a glimpse of the heart of Antonin Scalia — not as a jurist but as a human being. Tucker writes: It was a spring afternoon some years ago, and he was attending church services, sitting in […]

NOM Launches Television Ad in South Carolina To "Dump Trump"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 16, 2016 Contact: Paul Bothwell (202) 457-8060 x-105 [email protected] Washington – The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) today launched an online television ad in South Carolina urging voters to “Dump Trump” after presidential candidate Donald Trump abandoned the fight for marriage even though 78% of South Carolina voters and over 50 […]

Chuck Todd Embodies Rank Media Bias

There should be no doubt who the media wants to pick as the Republican nominee – Marco Rubio. This morning on the Today Show, NBC’s top political correspondent, Chuck Todd, criticized Sen. Rubio’s debate performance and went so far as to say that had Rubio done better in the debate he would have wrapped up […]

Big Win in Indiana

Great news late this afternoon out of Indiana: The Indiana Legislature has dropped consideration of legislation to grant special rights to gays and lesbians that would have weakened religious liberty in the state. This is a great win for common sense and for supporters of true marriage. NOM worked hard with allies to defeat this […]