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Southern Baptist Convention: Executive Order Violates Freedom of Conscience

Russell Moore, president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, has joined other faith leaders in raising concerns over the lack of religious liberty protections in President Obama’s new executive order. Moore said: “While we don’t know the full implications of this executive order, I am disappointed that this administration […]

Catholic Bishops Slam "Unprecendented and Extreme" Executive Order

The bishop-Chairmen of two USCCB Committees slammed President Obama’s July 21 “gender identity” executive order for its lack of religious freedom protection and “flaws in its core prohibitions.”  This new “non-discrimination” executive order, aimed at preventing workplace discrimination against LGBT persons, opens the door to discrimination against Christians and those with deeply-held beliefs about the nature of marriage […]

"Victory for Pro-Life, Pro-Family Catholics and Other Christians"

From Aleteia, more on the recent marriage victory in Europe: …the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) lowered the boom on European progressives. And, the wind was taken out of the sails of American liberalism. [...] Moreover, whereas U.S.-based agitators for same-sex marriage have pulled off their boldest accomplishments through the […]

National Organization for Marriage Expresses Concern Over New Executive Order, Calls on Congress to Protect People of Faith Against 'Reverse Discrimination'

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 21, 2014 Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004) “The fact is that non-discrimination rules like the order issued by President Obama can become a weapon used to punish and harass individuals and groups who support marriage as the union of one man and one woman.” — Brian Brown, NOM president […]

Cardinal George: "American Liberties" Are "All Being Traded Off in Favor of Freedom of Sexual Expression"

It is becoming more and more apparent that the redefinition of marriage is incompatible with religious freedom. In his recent column, Francis Cardinal George of Chicago reflected on this rising conflict within the United States. Subtly taking to task those who claim marriage supporters are on the “wrong side of history,”  Cardinal George warned that “We should […]

"The Implications of Redefining Marriage are Staggering..."

The consequences of redefining marriage are formidable and grave, Michael Brown recently wrote at Charisma News.  Brown pointed out some of the absurdities of California’s new law deleting the “biased” and “outdated” terms “husband” and “wife” from the state’s marriage law.  The terms have been replaced with “spouse.” Women cannot be fathers and men cannot be mothers, […]

National Organization for Marriage Announces Boycott of JP Morgan Chase for Offensive Survey Questions and Dishonest Dealings with the Public

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 16, 2014 Contact: Elizabeth Ray or Matille Thebolt (703-683-5004) “Chase was clearly pushing an LGBT agenda with these invasive survey questions, and also created an intimidating and threatening atmosphere for their employees who wondered what the ‘right’ answers were and how ‘wrong’ answers would be dealt with. Furthermore, we have evidence […]

Boycott Chase Bank

Dear Marriage Supporter, This is the smoking gun. NOM has obtained new evidence that shows Chase bank not only violated its employees’ privacy with invasive and inappropriate questions on an employee survey aimed at pushing an LGBT agenda, but that the company has lied to consumers and its own employees about the now infamous questions. […]

North Carolina Pastors Rally to Protect Marriage

North Carolina pastors are calling on Governor Pat McCrory to defend the state’s constitutional amendment protecting marriage, which an overwhelming 61 percent of voters approved. The North Carolina Pastors Network condemned the judicial activism behind much of the push to redefine marriage and urged McCrory to use his power as governor to defend the voter-approved […]

LGBT Views on Marriage Differ Sharply From Most Americans

Wells Fargo recently surveyed LGBT investors and found stark contrasts between Americans’ overall attitudes about marriage and LGBT respondents’ views. According to the San Francisco Business Times, the survey “found that 80 percent of Americans overall consider love and commitment to be the most important reasons to get married, whereas just 54 percent of LGBT […]

New Study Suggests It's Better to Leave Religion Off Your Résumé

Do you list your involvement with religious organizations on your résumé?  You may want to cease revealing your religious affiliation on your résumé, a new study by the Southern Sociology Society suggests.  The study found that applicants whose résumés included faith affiliations were 26 percent less likely to be contacted by employers. The Southern Sociology Society researchers sent out […]

Crisis Magazine: How Chase Bank and other Corporations Coerce and Bully Christians

From Crisis Magazine: How would you feel if your boss came into your office one day and asked if you are supportive of the “LGBT community”? Maybe you are sympathetic to gays who face discrimination but you do not support the overall agenda. Maybe you are a faithful Catholic who accepts the teaching of the […]

ICYMI: The American Conservative: Rooting out the Brendan Eichs at JPMorgan Chase

From The American Conservative: This is chilling. What on earth could being an “ally” of the gay community have to do with whether or not you are a good bank employee? Is a Baptist who treats everyone, gay and straight, with fairness and respect, and who doesn’t bring his religious views into the workplace, an […]

The Christian Institute: ‘Are you an LGBT ally?’- US bank under fire over survey

Via the Christian Institute: One of the largest banks in the US has come under fire for reportedly asking all its employees in a survey if they are an “ally” to the LGBT community. An unnamed employee at JP Morgan Chase raised serious concerns that his future at the company depended on his answer, and […]

Breitbart News: Chase Bank has Pattern of Partisanship on LGBT issues

Yesterday, Breitbart News reported on some of the history of LGBT activism at Chase Bank, which is currently under fire for an invasive survey that asked employees if they were “allies” of the LGBT community and which retained each respondent’s unique employee ID: The recent exposé of the employee survey that asked probing questions about employee […]