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Watch Our New Video on Religious Liberty

Marriage Supporter — NOM has just released an important new video calling on all marriage supporters to sign our new petition to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue comprehensive rules to protect the religious liberty of people who support marriage, life and the truth of gender and ensure we are not targeted by the federal […]

Fighting for Principle, Challenging the Powerful

Marriage Supporter — Nearly five months through 2017, I can’t tell you how excited I am with NOM’s resurgent and important role in this age of the Trump presidency. The opportunities we have to shape the future are amazing – something our adversaries simply cannot handle – while the challenges posed by these times require […]

Take Immediate Action In Support Of Religious Liberty

After repeated promises to people of faith that his administration would do “everything in its power to protect religious liberty in our land,” President Donald Trump has now twice backed away from issuing an Executive Order to meaningfully protect Christians and other faithful citizens against discrimination. Rather than tackle the issue himself, President Trump has […]

March and Match...

Marriage Supporter — Our dedicated team at NOM is working overtime with all the projects we have underway. One of the most important things we are working on is the upcoming 2017 March for Marriage on June 17th in Washington, DC. This is a critical annual event to keep the fight to restore marriage in […]

Trump Punts – Time To Put The Heat On

Marriage Supporter — President Trump has so far failed to deliver on his repeated promises to do everything in his power to protect the religious liberty of people of faith and faith-based groups. The Executive Order he signed last week was empty of any meaningful protections when it comes to those who have been targeted […]

Trump Fails To Deliver on Religious Liberty, Punts to DOJ

Marriage Supporter — President Trump has repeatedly promised that he would do everything in his power to protect the religious liberty of people of faith and faith-based groups. It was a major factor in his election. However, an executive order he signed today, while containing some helpful provisions for pastors and religious medical providers, falls […]

March and Match...

Marriage Supporter — I’m writing to ask for your help with the upcoming 2017 March for Marriage, which is scheduled for Saturday, June 17th in Washington, DC! The March for Marriage has always been an important event to keep the fight to restore marriage in the public eye, but it takes on even greater importance […]

A Major Announcement...

One week and we need your help

Marriage Supporter: Many people have responded with support for our critically-important Spring Matching Fund Drive, but with just one week to go, we really need your help. Every contribution we receive between now and midnight on May 1st will be matched, dollar for dollar. Unless we hit our goal of raising $100,000 during this time, […]

I need your help 🕑

Dear Marriage Supporter: I wish I didn’t have to write you about this, but I don’t know who else to turn to for help. NOM is in the midst of a critically-important Matching Fund Drive that began on Monday. We need to raise $100,000 to avoid making drastic budget cuts, and we’re way behind. Can […]

12 Days

Dear Marriage Supporter — I’m very concerned about the pace we’re on in our critically important Matching Fund Drive that began on Monday. Frankly, we’re way behind where we need to be. Unless we can raise $100,000 by midnight on May 1st, I will have no choice but to significantly cut back urgently-needed programs in […]

NOM Launches Urgent Matching Fund Drive

Dear Marriage Supporter — I’m writing because I’m really concerned about NOM’s finances. Our receipts are significantly below expectations so far this year, and our expenses are above what were planned. Unless we can raise $100,000 in funds during the next two weeks, we’re going to have to drastically cut our budget. Will you help […]

We Wish You A Blessed Easter

As we approach the Easter holiday, it’s a good time to pause and take stock in the year thus far. It’s been a busy first few months for all of us at NOM, one filled with many great victories and important accomplishments, and a few disappointments as well. The election of Donald Trump has turned […]

Neil Gorsuch Sworn in as Associate Justice of US Supreme Court

Marriage Supporter — In both a private swearing in at the US Supreme Court building, and in a public Rose Garden ceremony at the White House, Neil M. Gorsuch became the 113th Justice of the United States Supreme Court this morning. He swore his oath on a family bible with his wife, Louise, and his […]

BREAKING: We did it! Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to US Supreme Court

Marriage Supporter — I’ve got some great news — Neil Gorsuch has just been confirmed by the Senate as the newest member of the US Supreme Court! We did it! Thanks to you and so many NOM members and conservative activists across the country, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was able to muster the votes […]