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Happy Father's Day Weekend!

Dear Marriage Supporter, There is an old story about a father and his sons roughhousing in the front yard with a football, tearing up the turf in their careless play. Then the boys’ mother came out on the front porch and yelled at the father that they were destroying the beautifully manicured lawn. He looked […]

Help Us Raise the Remaining $12,500 to Fund the March for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, As you know, the 2016 March for Marriage is scheduled for just 9 days from now and we are working around the clock to get ready for the big event. We’re finalizing the staging and sound systems, pushing hard with promotion, working to confirm speakers, putting the finishing touches on security plans […]

Support HR 5053 to Stop IRS Abuses

Dear Marriage Supporter, Important legislation inspired by the illegal leak of NOM’s confidential donor information to our chief political opponent by the IRS is making its way through Congress. It has passed the House of Representatives and now is moving to the Senate. HR 5053, the Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act authored […]

Only 11 Days To Pull This Off... Please Help!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Friends — The entire NOM staff is working long days getting ready for the 2016 March for Marriage, which is only eleven days away. I’m proud of every one of us for the effort that is being put forth dealing with all the preparations for a major event like this. It will […]

The March for Marriage Is Fast Approaching – Please Attend

Dear Marriage Supporter, The 2016 March for Marriage is rapidly approaching and we hope you plan to attend! Set for Saturday, June 25th in DC, we will rally at the US Capitol building beginning at 11:30am and then march to the US Supreme Court. All the details are available at the March for Marriage website. […]

Help Us Raise $25,000 To Make The March for Marriage A Success

Dear Marriage Supporter, Hopefully by now you’re aware that the 2016 March for Marriage is set for June 25th in Washington, DC. We’re calling on all supporters of marriage, religious liberty and the recognition that biology (not “identity”) determines gender to make a special effort to join us at this year’s March. Please register today. […]

Sign Up for the 2016 March for Marriage!

Dear Marriage Supporter, The 2016 March for Marriage is ON! We’re marching in Washington, DC on Saturday, June 25th, beginning at 11:30am and we need you there! We will gather in the area known as ‘Union Square’, near the Reflecting Pool on the west side of the Capitol building. We’re asking supporters from all over […]

The March For Marriage Is On!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Great news — we’ve received official word that our permit application for the 2016 March for Marriage has been approved, and we are moving forward! The March is set for Saturday, June 25th, from 11:30am until 2:00pm. Please mark your calendar to attend and spread the word to everyone that you know. […]

Gutless House Republicans Betray Christians and People of Faith to Impose Obama's Illegal "Transgender Discrimination" Rules

Dear Marriage Supporter, In the latest betrayal by Republicans who campaign as conservatives but vote with LGBT extremists, 43 GOP members of the House of Representatives have voted to cement Barack Obama’s insane transgender “discrimination” policies in law, prohibiting any entity from contracting with the federal government unless they endorse the administration’s radical gender-bending agenda. […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, While the rest of America is focused on one of the most consequential Republican primary elections in our lifetime, the Illinois GOP is working quietly to rip marriage as the union of one man and one woman from its platform. On Friday May 20th at 10 AM the Illinois GOP platform committee […]

Tell Paul Ryan to Stop Obama's Gender Bender Insanity

Dear Marriage Supporter, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, is the most powerful Republican in Washington. As the leader of Congress, he is in the best position to stop President Obama’s extreme overreach on countless fronts, including his insane decrees last week that men must be allowed into public school restrooms, showers and […]

Stop President Obama’s Dangerous, Radical Bathroom Policy For Public Schools

Dear Marriage Supporter, President Obama has just issued a dangerous, radical directive to the nation’s public schools that they must allow boys and men to use restrooms, showers and locker rooms reserved for girls and women if the men claim a female “gender identity.” This policy is being pushed by Obama at the urging of […]

Fundraising Shortfall Imperils Programs

Dear Marriage Supporter, I’m writing to ask you for your immediate help with a developing problem. As we approach the middle of the month, NOM is more than $10,000 short of meeting our fundraising needs for May, and that does not include the increased expenditures to carry out the enormously successful Fax for FADA and […]

NOM Newsletter Update

In this week’s newsletter: First Amendment Defense Act Poised for Hearing Obama Administration Working Overtime to Force Radical Agenda on America Update on Presidential Race Key US Senate, House and State Races Vatican Representative to US Retires, was a Hero for Marriage Please Support NOM with a Generous Financial Gift Dear Friends, I wanted to […]

It's Working, But We Still Need You To Push For FADA

Dear Marriage Supporter, I am getting good reports from Washington, DC that our Fax For FADA campaign is making a big impact. Word is that the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) will be scheduled for a hearing very soon. Our faxes to the House Republican leadership and members of the House Oversight and Government Reform […]