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Urge Governor Brownback to Uphold Kansas's Marriage Law

Dear Marriage Supporter, A federal judge has ruled erroneously that Kansas’s marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman — passed by a great majority of Kansan voters only a handful of years ago — is somehow a violation of the U.S. Constitution! We’ve of course heard this sort of […]

Act Now – The People Deserve Their Say

Dear Marriage Supporter, Please take a moment right now to do something important for marriage. Urge the Governor of Missouri to request a stay of the decision by a State Judge handed down yesterday that would invalidate the marriage amendment that was passed by voters in 2004. The Governor and his administration must defend this […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, Yesterday, across the country—in red states and blue—America stood up and voted for marriage champions! The pundits in the media and the political insiders in Washington will call this a wave election, citing the unpopularity of the President and his administration as the main reasons for the victories Republicans gained in all […]

URGENT: Let’s Make This Happen

Dear Marriage Supporter, This is it: Election Day. I am writing today to encourage you to make sure, whatever it takes, that you get out there and vote, and vote for the values we hold dear. Vote for the rights and fundamental liberties given us by God and secured by the first amendment. Vote for […]

We have the momentum to defeat Carl DeMaio

Dear Marriage Supporter, We’re down to the final 24 hours and all signs point to an upset of Carl DeMaio, the candidate fighting for abortion and to redefine marriage who dares to call himself a “Republican.” Please make sure you refuse to support DeMaio. Either skip the race or cast a vote for Democrat Scott […]

Reject Monica Wehby's Campaign For Gay 'Marriage' and Abortion...And for the US Senate

Dear Marriage Supporter, It wasn’t long ago that Monica Wehby was riding high, having captured the Republican nomination for US Senate and being looked at by leaders in Washington as a new face for the Republican Party. A highly educated physician, considered a moderate, she was just the type of candidate many in the GOP […]

The Final Push!

Dear Marriage Supporter, As I’m sitting down to write this email, I see that we’ve raised $250,000 in matching gift funds — about half of what is available to us. So many have generously given, and I offer you my sincerest thanks for their generosity… but there are still thousands of people reading this email […]

Only Five Short Days...

Dear Marriage Supporter, There are only five short days left before the November election. So many of the races for the US Senate are too close to call—Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina… So many of these races could be turned by making marriage a key election issue in states that are caught in the […]

Please spread the word about Carl DeMaio's Flawed Positions on Marriage and Life

Dear Marriage Supporter, In recent days, there’s been much discussion about the explosive sexual harassment allegations against Carl DeMaio. If proven true, these allegations would disqualify him from holding any office, rendering him another Bob Filner. But NOM wants to remind you about the positions that Carl DeMaio has taken on marriage and life that […]

"To Change the Face and Voice of America's Politics"

Dear Marriage Supporter, There is less than a week left until the mid-term elections, and the race between Richard Tisei and Seth Moulton in the Massachusetts 6th is a close one, by all accounts a ‘race to watch.’ I write today to tell you that it essential that you NOT vote for Republican Richard Tisei, […]

Game Changer

Dear Marriage Supporter, For too long, the Republican establishment has given lip service to protecting marriage but has not been willing to lead. A consultant class that has already helped spend billions of dollars on a failing ‘economics’-only campaign strategy is trying to foist this same failed strategy on the party yet again. Will you […]

Carl DeMaio Wants You to Vote For Him, But He Totally Disrespects Your Vote

Dear Marriage Supporter, Carl DeMaio, who claims to be a Republican, apparently doesn’t see the irony in asking you to vote for him. See, DeMaio has praised a process that stripped 7 million Californians of their votes in favor of Proposition 8 without even a defense being mounted by our elected officials. The opinion of […]

From the Donkey's Mouth: Tisei's Own Words on GOP and Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, Richard Tisei is no conservative. As you know, NOM has criticized the GOP for promoting a candidate like Tisei, despite his clear opposition to the values of marriage, family, and life that the Republican party platform so strongly supports. Of course, leftist elites in the media have tried to confuse the issue […]

Making an Impact

Dear Marriage Supporter, We’re off to a great start! We’ve already raised over $200,000 in matching funds! But we still have a long way to go! Won’t you please consider making a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 if God has given you the means to help NOM elect marriage champions […]

"Inexplicable Contortions of the Mind"

Dear Marriage Supporter, On Tuesday of this week, United States District Judge Juan Pérez-Giménez handed down a ruling in a case upholding Puerto Rico’s law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. This ruling is the top headline of this week’s marriage news. “Marriage is the fundamental unit of the political […]