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✉ Powerful New NOM TV Commercial; Help Us "Dump Trump"

Dear Marriage Supporter, I’ve got some breaking news that could blow up the presidential contest: We have just launched a powerful new television commercial in South Carolina taking on Donald Trump for abandoning the fight for marriage even though 78% of South Carolina voters (and 50 million voters in other states) cast ballots deciding that […]

Chuck Todd Embodies Rank Media Bias

Dear Marriage Supporter, What happened this morning on the NBC Today Show makes it crystal clear who the media wants to pick as the Republican nominee — Marco Rubio. This morning, NBC’s top political correspondent, Chuck Todd, criticized Sen. Rubio’s debate performance and went so far as to say that had Rubio done better in […]

A critical period

Dear Marriage Supporter, With the 2016 presidential election in full swing, now is the time to renew your membership in NOM. The support of grassroots members like you is critical to allow us to be an effective advocate for restoring marriage to our nation’s laws and to protecting the right of Americans to act in […]

Victory in Iowa

Dear Marriage Supporter, We won a huge victory for marriage last night when Sen. Ted Cruz secured a tremendous win in Iowa, defeating the establishment and the elite and standing tall for grassroots conservatives in Iowa, and across the country. NOM went all-in to support Senator Cruz, endorsing him and continuously urging people to support […]

Renew your membership today!

Dear Marriage Supporter, The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is a diverse grassroots organization, made up of individuals of all faiths, and no faith, men and women, ethnically diverse from every corner of America. The financial support of our members is the lifeblood of our organization. Without that support we simply cannot effectively undertake the […]

Why Cruz is Far Better than Trump

Dear Marriage Supporter, All the polling in Iowa and nationally points to the inescapable conclusion that the Republican presidential field is shaping up to be between two prominent outsiders — Sen. Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump. As you know, NOM has endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president. I’ve heard from some folks, including NOM […]

Didn't Make It

Dear Marriage Supporter, All the receipts have been tallied on the matching gift challenge from late last year and, unfortunately, we did not reach our $200,000 fundraising goal. We came very close, raising $182,150, but did not quite get to where we wanted to be. I am very proud of all those people who gave […]

Governor Pence Declares He Will Not Support Any Bill That Threatens Religious Liberty

Dear Marriage Supporter, We’ve won a big victory! After thousands of NOM supporters contacted Governor Mike Pence through our petition, the Indiana governor said forcefully in his state of the state address, “I will not support any bill that diminishes the religious freedom of Hoosiers or that interferes with the Constitutional rights of our citizens […]

✉ Petition Pence

Dear Marriage Supporter, Unbelievably, Republican Governor Mike Pence of Indiana is considering endorsing a Bathroom Bill in Indiana that would ignore the reality of being male and female and allow men to use intimate facilities reserved for women and girls (bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, etc.) He’s considering kowtowing to the radical left despite the overwhelming […]

Stand with Chief Justice Roy Moore in Support of Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has issued an order directing state judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples until the full state Supreme Court can determine the scope of the US Supreme Court ruling in the Obergefell case redefining marriage and assess how it impacts their state constitutional provision defining […]

NOM Hits the Airwaves in Response to Alabama Decision

Dear Marriage Supporter, Late yesterday Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore issued an order preventing state judges from granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples until the full state Supreme Court can consider the implications of the US Supreme Court’s decision in the Obergefell case purportedly redefining marriage. I went on Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File” […]

Double Your Tax-Deductible Gift!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Double Your Tax-Deductible Gift! Much of our work at NOM is focused on changing laws and influencing public policy. That’s why gifts to our main organization are not tax-deductible. But we also do a ton of work on education. While we have been focused on raising the funds necessary to fight the […]

a decent start but still a long way to go :-/

Dear Marriage Supporter, I was in Texas yesterday participating in an important meeting with allies to discuss ways to advance pro-family policies. It was so energizing to be with other leaders of the conservative movement. We have so many opportunities to elect leaders, including the next president, who can advance marriage and other pro-family policies. […]

Not Going to Make It

Dear Marriage Supporter, I hate to say it, but right now it looks like we are not going to make our end-of-year matching grant. Most of our budget is supported by our year-end efforts. Each year a few generous donors band together and generously offer to match whatever we can raise to allow us to […]

Obama is at Work Behind Closed Doors

Dear Marriage Supporter, What a president does in public isn’t the only place where his influence is felt; sometimes what he does out of public view can be just as important, or even more so. We all saw President Obama’s open promotion of the LGBT agenda with his “evolution” on marriage (of course, he didn’t […]