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Haven't You Had Enough?

Thursday, April 17, 2014 Dear Marriage Supporter, Can you envision a future in which your support of marriage deprives you of your job…of your business…of your liberty? I can. Because, quite frankly, we’re already seeing it…all over the country! Mozilla’s forcing CEO Brendan Eich to resign over a political contribution he made six years ago […]

NYC No Place for You or Me

Dear Marriage Supporter, “Stay out of New York City.” That is effectively the message that a City Councilman named Daniel Dromm has sent to you, me, and millions of pro-marriage Americans — including the millions who already live in the city that never sleeps. And none of us, least of all New Yorkers, can allow […]

They're Lying Again.

Dear Marriage Supporter, The Mozilla controversy continues to draw commentary and attention around the web and throughout the media. Predictably, all this activity calls for setting the record straight on some points of misinformation, just as the always-stilted media narrative demands balance from the voices that you won’t see on the late night talk shows. […]

Standing Up. Fighting Back.

Dear Marriage Supporter, The more I think about the situation surrounding Mozilla’s termination of new CEO Brendan Eich over a political contribution he made six years ago, the more alarmed I become. In 2008, Eich donated $1,000 to the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California and protect marriage as the union of one man […]

March for Marriage Website Now Live!

Dear Marriage Supporter, The alarming news about the resignation — or, more aptly, termination — of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich is bringing to light the enormity of the threat that redefining marriage poses not just to marriage, but to the individual citizens who believe in it. Indeed, defending marriage is inextricably tied to defending our […]

The Mask is Off

Dear Marriage Supporter, The bullies who now control the gay marriage movement have claimed another scalp in their never-ending quest to silence people of faith and others who continue to support the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. They’ve forced Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and CEO at […]

Thank World Vision for Standing for Marriage!

Dear Marriage Supporter, This week, World Vision, under pressure from radical gay activists, indicated that it would be changing its policies to allow the hiring of individuals engaged in homosexual ‘marriages,’ despite the organization’s core commitment to engaging staff that bear witness to Christian values — including the value of the sanctity of marriage between […]

Three Ways to Get Involved

Dear Marriage Supporter, I’ve been asked by some people why I’m leading the effort to have another March for Marriage this year. They wonder why it is important, and what this event means for the marriage movement. I have explained to them that the essential purpose behind the March for Marriage is to send a […]

National Marriage Lobby Day!

Dear Marriage Supporter, I wrote you a few weeks back letting you know that on June 19, 2014 NOM will be hosting the second annual March for Marriage in Washington, DC. And, this year, we have added an extremely exciting component to the day: Marriage Lobby Day! In the afternoon following the March, starting at […]

Calendar Reflections

Dear Marriage Supporter, Happy Pi Day! CNN reports, “Across the country, math geeks in museums, schools, private groups and elsewhere gather to celebrate the number pi, approximately 3.14. That’s why March 14 — 3-14 — is Pi Day.” The article adds the interesting factoid that today is also, coincidentally, the anniversary of the birth of […]

A Major #Fail

Dear Marriage Supporter, Despite being grammatically incorrect, our culture has officially made the verb “fail” into a noun, and the expression seems here to stay. It pops up on social media all the time: a major political gaffe or celebrity embarrassment, for example, is labeled a major #fail, as occurred at the recent Oscar ceremony […]

Double Standard

Dear Marriage Supporter, You know all about how relentlessly the Obama administration has been pushing same-sex marriage — most egregiously through Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Defense. But the ridiculous double standards these actions are producing are really bothering me. I hope they’re bothering you too. I […]

Civilization and Its Discontents

Dear Marriage Supporter, Over eighty years ago, the influential psychologist Sigmund Freud wrote his seminal work which would come to be known in the English translation as Civilization and Its Discontents. No one familiar with the book could deny its influence on our culture or the fact that it has shaped the mindset regarding sexual […]

TAKE ACTION: Support the Protection of Conscience

Dear Marriage Supporter, If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years from witnessing the redefinition of marriage in several states and in other places around the world, it is that there is an inevitable impasse between the genderless marriage regime and the conscience rights of those who believe in marriage as the union of […]

Carl DeMaio's People

Dear Marriage Supporter, It’s a beautiful summer day in southern California. Throngs of people line streets as paraders march by. They include transvestite brides (men in wedding gowns) who strut their stuff. Nearby a float with bare-chested, heavily muscled men in tight underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination hold hands and dance on a […]