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NOM to Query Presidential Candidates Today

Dear Marriage Supporter, I’m writing with big news. This evening I will be in Des Moines, Iowa for the last major pro-family forum of presidential candidates before the Iowa Caucuses. NOM is a co-sponsor of the Presidential Family Forum, and I will have the opportunity to ask the candidates to expound on their position in […]

Stop University Inquisition Against Pro-Marriage, Pro-Children’s Rights Professor

Dear Marriage Supporter, Robert Oscar Lopez is a tenured professor at California State University, Northridge, raised by lesbian parents, who has become an outspoken supporter of marriage and the inherent rights of children to know and be loved by their own mother and father. His is the rare voice in academia willing to speak up […]

This is Why Elections Matter...

Dear Marriage Supporter, The reason that NOM works so hard to help pro-marriage champions win election is because that is how public policy gets impacted. If we want to have laws and policies that uplift marriage and protect religious liberty, then we need to have elected officials in office who share those values. Look no […]

Why NOM Matters...

Dear Marriage Supporter, If you wonder whether NOM matters in the fight to restore marriage and protect religious liberty, all you have to do is watch the major gay rights groups like the Human Rights Campaign and Marriage Equality USA react whenever they know that we have engaged somewhere. They become extremely concerned and whip […]

Big Victories For Marriage!

Dear Marriage Supporter, I have fantastic news to share — marriage won huge victories last night in critical election races in Houston and Kentucky! These electoral victories prove without a doubt that the American people do not accept the illegitimate and anti-constitutional ruling of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage, and they reject the attempt […]

Will Houston Voters be Truly Heroic and Stand Against "HERO"?

Dear Marriage Supporter, Today is Election Day in many parts of the country. NOM is particularly watching races in Houston, TX and in Kentucky. In Houston, voters have the rare opportunity to overturn an act of their City Council thanks to a referendum that local citizens qualified to the ballot. The grossly-misnamed Houston Equal Rights […]

Our Message is Your Message...

Dear Marriage Supporter, The National Organization for Marriage is on the forefront of fighting for the freedom of all U.S. citizens by promoting the dignity of marriage, the family, and religious liberty. Our message is your message — — but it needs to be amplified and shared across the country to every citizen — young […]

Citizens Fight to Keep Men Out of Women’s Bathrooms, Protect Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, While the elite and the mainstream media is busy trying to fool themselves and the American people into thinking people are fine with the US Supreme Court imposing a radical redefinition of marriage and human sexuality on the nation, average citizens across the country are having none of it. There are several […]

A Critical Time

Dear Marriage Supporter, The next few weeks is a critical time for NOM, and for everything we’re working to achieve. As you know, we have a lot on our plate to restore marriage to its rightful place in the law and protect marriage supporters from discrimination. We’re working on: Passing the First Amendment Defense Act […]

The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph...

Dear Marriage Supporter, “The Only Thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph is that Good Men Do Nothing.” — Edmund Burke once said. Where are today’s good men and women in the midst of the assaults on marriage, family and religious freedom? One is in Kentucky. After spending six days in jail Kim Davis was released. […]

Prominent Legal Scholars Declare Supreme Court Marriage Ruling "Anti-Constitutional and Illegitimate" and Not Binding Precedent

Dear Marriage Supporter, Marking the opening of the new US Supreme Court term this week, a group of over 60 prominent legal scholars has issued a major statement declaring that the notorious ruling from the last Court term which purported to redefine marriage in the Obergefell v Hodges case is “anti-constitutional and illegitimate” and should […]

In Good Times and Bad

Dear Marriage Supporter, Like any relationship, our work in support of marriage occurs through good times and in bad, when the wind is at our back and when it is in our face. Some challenges are harder than others, some circumstances present unexpected opportunities. Because NOM is not funded by Wall Street billionaires and huge […]

Pope Stands Strong For Marriage and Religious Liberty

Dear Marriage Supporter, Wrapping up our coverage of Pope Francis’ historic visit to the United States, it is clear that he delivered a resounding pro-family, pro-marriage message to the American people. While the mainstream media did all they could to portray the Pope in liberal political terms, focusing their reporting on issues like climate change, […]

Pope Affirms the Sanctity of Marriage!

Dear Marriage Supporter, The Pope made dramatic statements during his visit to Washington, DC. With President Obama only a few feet away the Pope made profound remarks about marriage and religious liberty. As you know, President Obama has worked tirelessly to redefine marriage and he now wants to redefine religious liberty and turn it into […]

Congress Hears Pope Francis Defend Marriage and Family

Dear Marriage Supporter, Pope Francis gave a historic address to Congress and other political leaders in Washington just minutes ago and made it clear in his own words that the overall theme of his visit to America is that he wishes to uphold the family, and support marriage. Here’s what he just told our political […]