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Rallying for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, As we gear up for the March for Marriage on April 25th in Washington, DC, we can see that all around the country, people are rallying in defense of marriage. Despite the media’s best efforts, the American people continue to support marriage. The 2015 March for Marriage is our best opportunity to […]

Updated March for Marriage Website Launched!

Dear Marriage Supporter, With only one month left before the 2015 March for Marriage, I’m happy to announce the launch of the 2015 March for Marriage website! Click here to see the updated website. This year’s theme is: March for Freedom… March for Truth… March for Marriage! The site has multiple features, including information about […]

T-Minus 32 Days!

  Dear Marriage Supporter, The 2015 March for Marriage is set for April 25th – almost exactly one month away. So far, we’ve been able to raise over $80,000 online in support of the March toward our $100,000 matching goal. That means we have almost $20,000 left in matching funds that we need to realize! […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, Another week, another series of news providing more evidence about the many negative consequences when marriage is redefined… Because marriage is a public institution — tied closely to the wellbeing of both couples and children — changing its definition (and consequently, what the government promotes in society) necessarily has consequences. It’s an […]

Avoiding Dred Scott

Dear Marriage Supporter, Imagine the barbaric nature of the logic used and the opinion adopted: a person, a certain type of person, is a piece of property who can be owned, traded, bought and sold. Whether man or woman, no matter where born this type of person could not be considered a citizen and an […]

The Time Is Now

Dear Marriage Supporter, We are now just six weeks away from one of the most important events in our cause to preserve marriage — the 2015 March for Marriage taking place on April 25th in Washington, DC. The importance of this march cannot be overstated — it is our last, best hope to show the […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, So far, we’ve raised over $62,000 online toward our $100,000 match. That’s significant, but still leaves a huge amount that we have an opportunity to claim… The hard left that wants to redefine marriage is backed by billionaires like George Soros, Paul Singer and Tim Gil. They have a seemingly unlimited stream […]

A Wake Up Call

Dear Marriage Supporter, I mentioned last week — but I want to highlight it again because of its significance — that the Alabama state Supreme Court ruled 7-1 to put a stop to the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples in their state. In spite of the media’s proclamation that Alabama was lost and […]

Take Action Now To Defend Religious Liberty!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Two elected officials are boldly standing up for the precious religious liberties of all Americans. Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) and Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY) have introduced the 2015 Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act in the US House and Senate. This common sense legislation protects faith-based agencies from discrimination and punitive measures by […]

The "Throuple" Has Arrived

Dear Marriage Supporter, “Love is love, after all.” That’s the rationale offered by one of three gay men who were all married to each other on Valentine’s Day in Thailand. You can read the story here. And — least people scoff and think that this is happening a world away — you can read about […]

54 Days

Dear Marriage Supporter, Did you know that we have only 54 days until the 2015 March for Marriage? That’s less than two months to prepare for the single most important task we can undertake in defense of marriage this year… The Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments — likely in the days right before […]

Take Action Now!

Dear Marriage Supporter, In Arkansas, two courageous state legislators, Rep. Ballinger and Sen. Hester, have introduced HB1228, the Conscience Protection Act, in the Arkansas state assembly. HB1228 is almost identical to religious freedom legislation passed in 20 states. Alabamans even went so far as to write the language into their state constitution in 1998. Additionally, […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, The past few days have been a whirlwind — but as always, full of blessings. One specific blessing was the receipt of a $25,000 anonymous gift in support of the 2015 March for Marriage! Because of the matching gift campaign currently underway, a generous donor is matching every gift given to NOM […]

What We're Fighting For

Dear Marriage Supporter, “I never imagined that using my God-given talents and abilities, and doing what I love to do for over three decades, would become illegal.” Those are the words of Baronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, in her February 20, 2015 letter to Attorney General Bob Ferguson. You see, […]

It's Personal

Dear Marriage Supporter, In April 2013, we reported to you that Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson was bringing a lawsuit against Barronelle Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington. Her “crime” was declining to arrange flowers for a same-sex ‘wedding’ ceremony because participation in such an event would be out of keeping with […]