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Press Release Regarding Ireland Vote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESaturday, May 23, 2015 The following statement may be attributed to Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage in Washington, DC: “We want to thank David Quinn and The Iona Institute for fighting the good fight running the No campaign against tremendous odds in Ireland. We are disappointed but not surprised […]

Marriage And Religious Liberty In The Early Presidential Race

Dear Marriage Supporter, One of NOM’s primary goals in the coming months and year is to raise the profile of the marriage and religious liberty issues in anticipation of the coming presidential election next year — particularly in key swing and early voting states like Iowa. And we’ve been remarkably successful in the early going! […]

More Good News!

Dear Marriage Supporter, I just wanted to follow up on my email yesterday with another quick note about some more good news coming out of Iowa. American Future Project launched a new ad in Iowa featuring Governor Bobby Jindal speaking about the importance of stepping up and defending religious liberty! You can watch the full […]

Thank Governor Jindal for Taking Bold Action!

Dear Marriage Supporter, When Louisiana State House Bill 707, which would have blocked the government from penalizing companies because of the owner’s stance on same-sex marriage, was defeated in the state house’s Civil Law and Procedure over fears that it legalized discrimination against LGBT people, Governor Jindal said that he was “disappointed by the committee’s […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, Coming off of the most successful March for Marriage ever, followed by oral arguments at the Supreme Court that were hailed as a sign of encouragement to marriage supporters everywhere, I have just received some more good news! Enthused by the incredible success NOM has been able to achieve over the past […]

Stories You Won't Hear Anywhere Else

Dear Marriage Supporter, We’ve all heard over the years that the movement toward universal acceptance of same-sex ‘marriage’ is inevitable. You hear on the media that attitudes are shifting toward accepting marriage redefinition as one poll after another is trotted out to prove the point they so desperately want to make. But as we at […]

Urge Congress to Act to Defend Religious Liberty Today!

Dear Marriage Supporter In the coming weeks it is crucial for the US Congress to act to protect the religious liberty right of people to act in concert with their sincerely held belief that marriage is and can only be the union of one man and one woman. That’s why NOM has been working tirelessly […]

Marriage and Religious Freedom

Dear Marriage Supporter, The past few weeks have been a phenomenal shot in the arm for those of us who believe in marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The March for Marriage followed by the oral arguments at the Supreme Court demonstrated incontrovertibly that the will and ability to defend marriage […]

Stand with Archbishop Cordileone

Dear Friends — Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has been a staunch and loving defender of the beauty of God’s design for marriage. He played a huge role in working with NOM to qualify Proposition 8 to the ballot in California, and he’s been a nationwide spokesperson for the truth of marriage ever since. In fact, he […]

Help Preserve Marriage in Ireland!

Dear Marriage Supporter, While we in the US have our eyes on the Supreme Court, the people of Ireland also are keenly engaged in the issue of redefining marriage. Interestingly, advocates for redefining marriage in America told the high Court that it’s up to the justices to take this step because “fundamental rights” should not […]

The 2015 March for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter What an incredible week. So much has happened, so I’ll get right to it: NOM Gathers Estimated 15,000 for 2015 March for Marriage On Saturday, marriage supporters poured into our nation’s capital to rally and march in support of marriage. An estimated 15,000 marchers gathered in front of the Capital Building to […]

A Fresh Breeze Is Blowing

Dear Marriage Supporter, What a difference a few days can make. There’s a new breeze blowing and it sure is refreshing. First, NOM was able to bring an estimated 15,000 people to Washington DC this past Saturday for the March for Marriage, where we loudly and proudly demonstrated to the justices of the Supreme Court, […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, I just got off the phone with NOM’s Chairman, Constitutional Law professor John Eastman, who attended the oral arguments in the Supreme Court this morning. I have to say, I was encouraged by what he had to say and by the reports coming out of the court this morning! No doubt, the […]

The Most Successful March Ever!

Dear Marriage Supporter, As I mentioned earlier today, over the weekend, we had our most successful March for Marriage ever! An estimated 15,000 marriage supporters gathered to hear a wonderful panel of speakers and afterwards march to the Supreme Court to make their voices heard: that the American people believe in marriage between one man […]

Stand With Us Tomorrow at the Supreme Court!

Dear Marriage Supporter, On Saturday we had an amazing March for Marriage — our biggest and most successful ever! There were approximately 15,000 marchers present! Thank you to everyone who participated… I will be sending you pictures, videos and news stories about it soon. But first, we still have some work to do… Tomorrow, April […]