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Help Us Protect People of Faith By Enacting the First Amendment Defense Act

Dear Marriage Supporter, Now that the US Supreme Court has illegitimately redefined marriage, it’s open season on Christians and other people of faith who continue to believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Supporters of marriage across the country have been charged by governmental entities with “discrimination” and subsequently fined, […]

Americans Haven't Gotten The Memo

In this week’s newsletter: National Surveys Show Decline in Support for Same-sex ‘Marriage’ Is This Shift Being Caused By Arrogant Scolds? It’s Not Just Social Conservatives Who Object To Forcing Marriage Supporters To Bake The Gay Cake And Speaking of Aaron and Melissa Klein… Moving on…NOM’s Chairman Outlines Potential Judicial Reforms To Senate Committee New […]

That Didn't Take Long

Dear Marriage Supporter, When I issued my statement from the steps of the US Supreme Court reacting to the 5-4 court ruling redefining marriage, I said in the opening paragraph that the American people would reject the decision, and that the Supreme Court would not have the last word on this issue. Boy was I […]

Let's Fight for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, Millions of people across our great country, people just like you and me, have voted to protect marriage as a union between one man and one woman. You are not alone in your belief! Despite the Supreme Court’s recent blow to traditional marriage, it is not time to give up.  Instead, we must […]

A Busy Week for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter, This week resulted in a number of important and positive developments in our effort to restore marriage to the law, reinvigorate a thriving marriage culture, and set the stage for reversing the illegitimate decision of the US Supreme Court when they ruled to redefine marriage in Obergefell v Hodges. NOM Co-Sponsors Iowa […]

Iowa is Key

Dear Marriage Supporter, Hopefully by now you have read NOM’s five-point plan to protect supporters of traditional marriage from being punished by the government while we work to reverse the illegitimate and outrageous decision of the US Supreme Court redefining marriage. The first point of our Plan is arguably the most important one — to […]

We Must Fight Back Together

Dear Marriage Supporter, The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on same-sex marriage, but our resolve HAS NOT lessened one iota. Despite the dreadful blow the Court dealt to traditional marriage, it is not time to panic. Instead, we must massively expand our efforts to restore marriage in America as the union between one man […]

The Nation Refuses to Accept Supreme Redefinition of Marriage

Marriage Supporter, Not Accepted Ruther Bader Ginsburg was wrong. Justice Ginsburg violated judicial ethics when she gave a media interview presaging her vote to redefine marriage (even before the case was briefed or argued) in which she outrageously predicted that the Supreme Court decision imposing same-sex ‘marriage’ would be readily accepted by the country. The […]

Our Plan Is Generating Support

Marriage Supporter, Last week NOM unveiled our five-point plan to fight for marriage at our second annual Marriage Gala held in Washington, DC where Sen. Rick Santorum was our keynote speaker. I was very pleased with the supportive reaction from those in attendance. If you were not able to join us last week, here are […]

We Must Fight On!

Dear Marriage Supporter, Last week’s US Supreme Court ruling on marriage is an illegitimate decision and a gross example of legislating from the bench! Plain and simple, what the small majority (5/4) of the justices has done is simply invent a constitutional right to same-sex ‘marriage’ out of thin air, and invalidated the decision of […]

Support the First Amendment Defense Act Today!

Dear Marriage Supporter, As you know, a 5-4 ruling of the US Supreme Court has resulted in marriage being redefined, with genderless ‘marriage’ now being imposed on every state in the nation. This is a terrible decision that entirely lacks constitutional authority. NOM is committed to working to reverse this decision over time. But until […]

All Eyes on the Supreme Court

Dear Marriage Supporter, The US Supreme Court decision on marriage will come down either tomorrow or Monday. Of course, no matter what the Court does decide, they cannot ever change the truth of marriage. Marriage is not a political institution that can be reshaped to suit a popular ideology. It is an institution with a […]

It's Crunch Time!

Dear Marriage Supporter, By this time next week, we will know whether or not the Supreme Court believes our federal constitution prohibits states from defining marriage as the union between one man and one woman. It seems absurd — the very idea that traditional marriage could be unconstitutional is beyond rational comprehension. But that is […]

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Marriage Supporter, I know that many of you are anxious to start your weekend so I will keep this newsletter brief. I’d like to begin with a heartfelt “thank you” to all of you who are fathers and who take your awesome responsibilities seriously. As the father of eight myself, I know that being […]

NOM Update: Support the 1st Amendment Defense Act

Dear Marriage Supporter, A vital piece of legislation was just introduced by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rep. Raul Labrador (R-Idaho), and NOM urges you to ask your elected officials to support it just as we are. This critical bill — the First Amendment Defense Act or FADA — has a simple purpose: “To prevent […]