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What We're Up Against

Dear Marriage Supporter, I have to let you know exactly what we’re up against. Recently, the news reported that David Koch—the conservative boogeyman of the left—will be interviewed by ABC’s Barbara Walters for her “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014″ special scheduled to air on Sunday. In the interview, he unequivocally states, “I’m basically […]

Quick Note

Dear Marriage Supporter, Just a very quick note this morning to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to our $200,000 matching gift campaign. In the first few days, we have raised over $10,000 online. Mail returns are coming in and will be added to the total shortly. We’re off to a strong start, […]

Ten Years From Now

Friday, December 12, 2024 I sit silently holding the note my sixteen year old daughter brought home from school, taking in the word stamped in red — “Suspended.” I look at her and know immediately what has happened, because we’ve been through this before. “He was in the girl’s bathroom again and I told him […]

A Clear, Direct Question

Dear Marriage Supporter, I’m writing with a very clear direct question: Will you ensure that there continues to be a strong voice in this country standing up for the truth about marriage? Yes, we all know that the other side has spent mountains of money to get judges to impose their definition of marriage on […]

The Most Beautiful Idea in the History of Civilization

Dear Marriage Supporter, A couple weeks ago, I wrote to you on my way back from the historic interreligious colloquium at the Vatican: the Humanum event that brought scholars of all creeds together to reflect on the beauty of God’s design for marriage in the complementarity of men and women. You’ll find me returning to […]

Get your free book today!

Dear Marriage Supporter, As you may already know, it’s #GivingTuesday — a global day about giving back. So today, I’d like to give you an opportunity to get a free copy of the renowned book, What Is Marriage?, written by NOM co-founder Professor Robert P. George along with Ryan T. Anderson and Sherif Gergis. All […]

Giving Thanks, In and Out of Season

Dear Marriage Supporter, It was in 1789, only a couple years after the Constitution was finally ratified and enacted, that the first President of the brand new United States of America, George Washington, designated a Thursday in late November to be a National Day of Thanksgiving. The day, he wrote, was “to be observed by […]

We Need More Like Them

Dear Marriage Supporter, As you may have already heard, the Duggar family — stars of the hit TV Show 19 Kids and Counting — have come under attack from bullying activists and radicals simply because of the Duggars’ strong pro-family witness both on and off their show. I ask you to take a moment today […]

Urge Governor Brownback to Uphold Kansas's Marriage Law

Dear Marriage Supporter, A federal judge has ruled erroneously that Kansas’s marriage amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman — passed by a great majority of Kansan voters only a handful of years ago — is somehow a violation of the U.S. Constitution! We’ve of course heard this sort of […]

Act Now – The People Deserve Their Say

Dear Marriage Supporter, Please take a moment right now to do something important for marriage. Urge the Governor of Missouri to request a stay of the decision by a State Judge handed down yesterday that would invalidate the marriage amendment that was passed by voters in 2004. The Governor and his administration must defend this […]


Dear Marriage Supporter, Yesterday, across the country—in red states and blue—America stood up and voted for marriage champions! The pundits in the media and the political insiders in Washington will call this a wave election, citing the unpopularity of the President and his administration as the main reasons for the victories Republicans gained in all […]

URGENT: Let’s Make This Happen

Dear Marriage Supporter, This is it: Election Day. I am writing today to encourage you to make sure, whatever it takes, that you get out there and vote, and vote for the values we hold dear. Vote for the rights and fundamental liberties given us by God and secured by the first amendment. Vote for […]

We have the momentum to defeat Carl DeMaio

Dear Marriage Supporter, We’re down to the final 24 hours and all signs point to an upset of Carl DeMaio, the candidate fighting for abortion and to redefine marriage who dares to call himself a “Republican.” Please make sure you refuse to support DeMaio. Either skip the race or cast a vote for Democrat Scott […]

Reject Monica Wehby's Campaign For Gay 'Marriage' and Abortion...And for the US Senate

Dear Marriage Supporter, It wasn’t long ago that Monica Wehby was riding high, having captured the Republican nomination for US Senate and being looked at by leaders in Washington as a new face for the Republican Party. A highly educated physician, considered a moderate, she was just the type of candidate many in the GOP […]

The Final Push!

Dear Marriage Supporter, As I’m sitting down to write this email, I see that we’ve raised $250,000 in matching gift funds — about half of what is available to us. So many have generously given, and I offer you my sincerest thanks for their generosity… but there are still thousands of people reading this email […]