National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will be a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual March for Marriage on June 19th.
Governor Huckabee is an outspoken champion for marriage, family, and life.

He has called the National Organization for Marriage "wonderful" and been "very proud to be associated with them [NOM]."
Governor Huckabee has said publicly:

" thanks also to the National Organization for Marriage, a highly-respected family organization that has been willing to courageously show leadership in states where there have been ballot measures, to not change something but rather to leave something alone, to simply allow us to continue in the traditional view of marriage."

The National Organization for Marriage is thrilled that Governor Huckabee has committed to be a featured speaker at the 2nd Annual March for Marriage.

The March for Marriage will bring thousands of marriage champions to the Nation's capital with the strong and united message that America believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and every child deserves a mom and a dad.

This critical event will speak truth to power — to the Supreme Court, the Congress, and the Media — marriage matters because every child deserves a mom and a dad.

Visit for more information as to how you can be involved. Rally and march with us in Washington, DC, arrange a bus to bring scores of marchers, march in your own town with the Virtual March, or make a generous donation so that others can come by sponsoring a bus.

The March for Marriage is a unique and critical event at a time when the national marriage debate will likely be reaching the Supreme Court. Your support to make this a successful event is crucial.

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