We're Striving for 51


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

We're striving for 51...

We know from watching the disastrous actions of the Obama Administration as they dismantle and redefine core pillars of society like marriage and religious liberty that elections have consequences.

When the wrong people are elected to high office, they end up doing harm to our nation and to future generations. Not only are marriage and religious liberty in jeopardy, but President Obama has racked up unprecedented debt, is in the process of nationalizing the healthcare system, and has dramatically weakened our relations with key allies like Israel, while expressing sympathy for many of our enemies.

But we can take action now, with your help, to change the direction Mr. Obama has set for our country. You see, there is a clear path forward next year to have 51 pro-family, pro-marriage members of the US Senate.

And that's the magic number now — 51.

It used to be that it took 60 votes in the US Senate to accomplish anything, but President Obama and his close ally, Senate Leader Harry Reid, have changed all that. Now the rule of 51 applies, meaning that a simple majority in the Senate can move an agenda.

Here's the good news — we can win a majority in the US Senate...but only if you will help with a contribution to our Marriage Victory Fund.

Please make a donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 today to help NOM's work to hold legislators accountable and elect pro-marriage politicians to office.

And remember that through the end of the year, your donation will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $1,000,000 by a generous donor, DOUBLING the impact of your gift! Please help us take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!

Right now the Democrats under Harry Reid control 55 of the 100 US Senate seats, while the GOP controls 45 seats. Thus, the GOP needs a pick-up of six seats to take control of the US Senate. Control of the US House is expected to remain with the Republicans.

Of the 35 US Senate seats up in 2014, Democrats hold 21 seats and Republicans hold 14. None of the Republican-held seats are considered to be in serious jeopardy. However, five Democrats are retiring, and they are all possible pick-up seats for the GOP (Iowa, Michigan, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia). Moreover, a number of other very vulnerable seats are up for grabs in conservative or swing states (e.g. Alaska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Mexico, Virginia, etc.).

That means the Republicans need to win six of the 13 most contested seats — or less than half — to get to the magic number of 51.

What would it mean if we had 51 US senators who supported marriage as the union of one man and one woman to go along with the majority of US House members we already have?

It means we would be able to move forward legislation such as the Marriage and Religious Freedom Act, which was introduced in the House by Rep. Raul Labrador and is expected to be introduced in the Senate shortly. This legislation would protect people and groups who stand for marriage in the public square against government retaliation.

Folks like the Christian innkeepers in Vermont who were forced to cease providing wedding receptions because they did not want to open their inn to a same-sex wedding ceremony. Or the photographer in New Mexico who has been fined thousands of dollars because she could not in good conscience photograph a same-sex ceremony. Or the countless small business people who have been punished, sued or fined for sticking by their religious convictions concerning the truth of marriage.

Isn't reestablishing religious liberty worth contributing to our Marriage Victory Fund?

It means that we would be able to hold the IRS to account for their attacks on conservative groups and for their conspiracy of silence in going after the criminals who are responsible for illegally leaking NOM's confidential tax return, including protected information on our top donors.

It means we'd be able to stop the Obama Administration from the regulatory power grab they are deploying to ignore federal law and impose same-sex ‘marriage' wherever they can — in the military, among immigrants, etc. They are even using foreign aid as a tool to advance the homosexual agenda.

And it means that we'd have a fighting chance at advancing Rep. Tim Huelscamp's proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, which would preserve marriage across the country as the union of one man and one woman and strip courts of their authority to redefine marriage.

Imagine how good it would feel after being on defense for so long to be able to pass federal laws protecting marriage, to hold the IRS and the Obama Administration to account and to advance a federal marriage amendment that would make the federal courts powerless to redefine marriage ever again?

This is all within our grasp if we can hold the House and gain control of the US Senate. But that will happen only if you help us by making a year-end contribution right now to our Marriage Victory Fund.

There are strong, pro-marriage, pro-life candidates lining up to contest these emerging US Senate seats. Remember, we only need to win 6 of the 13 most competitive contests, while holding onto the current batch of GOP seats (something most experts think is very likely).

We can do this! But the candidates who represent our best chance at winning — those who are reliable on the issues of marriage, life and religious liberty — are going to need our support if they are to be victorious. You can bet your last dollar that our opponents in Hollywood, Washington DC and New York are going to do everything they can to prevail, and they'll have the mainstream media on their side every step of the way. Please, help us today to take advantage of this historic opportunity to capture the US Senate and advance a pro-marriage agenda in Congress.

Consider this fact: of the states with the 13 most competitive US Senate races, Mitt Romney carried 7. We only need to win in 6 of these 7 states!

And here's something else to consider: of the 13 most competitive states, 8 have marriage amendments in place that were overwhelmingly supported by the voters. We only need to win in 6 of these 8 pro-marriage states!

What do we need to do to get to our goal of 51 pro-marriage US Senators? Very simply, we need the money to play a significant role in making sure the right candidates win. We need to raise $3 million dollars to have the kind of impact that is necessary to prevail.

The money will be used to organize at the grassroots level, including hiring field organizers to get our supporters out to vote. It will be used to pay for TV and radio ads. And it will give us the resources we need to counter the campaign of misinformation that is sure to come from the other side (and their allies in the media).

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of waiting for the next judge to rule against us, or watching as some elected official somewhere tries to impose his or her own views on marriage regardless of what the law says. I'm ready to go on offense to fight for the truth of marriage as God designed it!

Are you?

Let's start right now by contributing to our Marriage Victory Fund, which will help us begin to fight for control of a pro-marriage US Senate next year. Please contribute today.


Brian S. Brown

P.S. Remember, we only need to win 6 of the 13 most competitive US Senate races up for election next year. Mitt Romney carried 7 of those states, and 8 of them have marriage amendments on the books that were enacted by an overwhelming majority of voters! We have a historic opportunity to control Congress and advance a pro-marriage agenda following the 2014 elections, but it all begins with raising the $3 million we need to deploy our Marriage Victory Fund. Won't you please consider making a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000 if God has given you the means, today?

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