Gay Voices Against Gay Marriage: Phillippe Arino


There is a growing chorus of gay people in France who oppose President Hollande's proposal to legalize gay marriage.

Here is one voice -- Phillipe Arino -- explaining his views (we also offer an approximate English translation below by one of our generous French-speaking supporters):

I am Philippe AriƱo, 32 years old, essayist about homosexuality and Spanish teacher.

Your thoughts on "marriage" for all?
I oppose this proposed law. I believe it's homophobic. First off, I think society is giving this to homosexuals for the sake of society itself, but it's without meaning.

Even worse, another reason that I think this is homophobic is this: This law encourages homosexual couples to think they can copy and fit in the way heterosexual couples do. It makes them think they have to follow the example of man, woman, and child, without respecting sexual difference. It denies respect to homosexual couples in reality, with regards to their specificity and who they really are. Gay couples do not exist so that they can be procreative; one doesn't recognize that (if one turns these into marriages). Even if you present this to gay couples like it's a gift, it's still denying who they really are.

But then, what about equality of rights?
It's not a question of equality. Equality isn't inherently positive. There are bad/wrong equalities. We call that conformism, uniformity. A lack of recognition to the realities of people. The gay activists who treat equality as sacred do not differentiate between equal rights and the equality of identity. Equality of the law, and equality of self-respect or dignity.

In my view, all kids need more than just two parents who love each other. They need two biological parents -- mother and father -- who love each other. Nobody is speaking about that condition for the development of the child. It would be a condition where desire and nature are conjoined. Let's say a child knows of its biological parents but knows that its parents do not really love one another. That's a trauma that it will carry like a burden, all its life. When people talk about gay adoptive parents, they talk a great deal about the feeling of the parents toward the child, but they don't speak about the difference of sex which is "crowned" with love. That's central, that will be with one for all one's life. One must know that one had more than just a biological origin -- also, that one came from true desire. And one must know that the two are linked.


  1. Dovie E.
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  2. FemEagle
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    That guy is to be applauded for his honesty, insight and courage. The part of the "marriage equality" lie that is most onerous is the forced assumption that homosexuality and heterosexuality are equal in importance in the realms of humanity and nature, and that a family only needs two adults as parents - any two adults, not a male and a female - to be fully functional and beneficial to a child. That kind of thinking hurts society AND children. Hopefully the gay marriage farce will be put to an end by the SCOTUS when it rules that gay "marriage" can be decided state by state. That will keep it illegal in at least most of the country, although gay couples will still be allowed to adopt, unfortunately.

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    Blah, blah, blah. . . Homosexuality is a religion, and SSM is the political maneuver of that religion trying to gain government promotion. The USA founders were correct - government must not have a favorite religion. A church is not only a building, nor religion only a church. A religion is an ideology or philosophy, to be exercised in due respect of the rights of others outside the church property. Without the 1st amendment to the US constitution, one ends up with internal ideological wards turned into physical wars. But in France they don't have as good a Constitution. We should be proud of our Constitution, instead of calling it outdated.

    Got to say something about 'outdated' this or that. As time passes not everything becomes outdated. Only if everything becomes outdated can the argument be made that anything old is therefore outdated. Things which don't get outdated are: e.g., eating, need to exercise, breathing - you get the picture. Also, how long does it take for something to become outdated? It could be a matter of months, or years. Also, is everything novel, better? Nope.

    So what is outdated is the concept of everything becoming outdated, over time. Get real.

  4. Joe
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    The Truth at last.

  5. Bud
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    There is a divide between what is called the radical gay narcissism demanding to ever so arrogantly demand the redefinition of the very word itself, marriage as well as the transgenders demanding to be equal to something that simply isn't equal. This divide has caused a much larger majority of homosexuals of all blends to never publicly disagree with their peers out of fears. An old saying, "There is no scorn like a queen's scorn.

  6. cedric
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    Hello, I'm French. Something worth to mention is that France has a specific law where Marriage and Adoption are linked. You cannot allow Gay Marriage without allowing Adoption.

    Also why there is such a rebellion in France about Gay Marriage is because the government wants to impose this law without asking our opinion. I mean in most countries, the people will vote to support or not such a law, not in France. They are just obeying the LGBT lobby that pressures the government to adopt Gay Marriage. The LGBT spokesmen are not even representative of the gay community because none of them voted for them and yet they are speaking in their name.

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