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What is Albany up to now? 

Gay-marriage advocates had hoped to sneak a gay marriage bill through the legislature this spring. Gov. Paterson, his poll numbers plunging, shamelessly played to his base by grandstanding on gay marriage, while New York state was burning. In April the Empire State Pride Agenda director told New York magazine, "We're closer than most people think to marriage equality."
A funny thing happened on the way to gay marriage. First, thanks to you, the National Organization for Marriage was able to run a $600,000 campaign. We generated thousands of calls from outraged constituents in 25 state senate districts, along with a radio and TV ad campaign. (We even went up on the marquee in Times Square.) You did that--through your generosity and financial sacrifices. Now, our New York political action committee is working even harder to be your voice in Albany and throughout the state. Can you help us in our upcoming battles?

We've had so much success so far, due to thousands of people just like you, who helped us by sending emails to their state legislators. As New York magazine recently put it: "Meanwhile, an organized opposition was taking root. Starting in mid-May, the National Organization for Marriage, founded by pundit Maggie Gallagher, spent $600,000 on, among other things, more than 2 million robo-calls, primarily to Republicans and independents. 'The amount of political pressure it takes the Legislature to do something is a lot more than getting it to do nothing,' she said. 'I have to generate enough public pressure to get politicians to do nothing. How hard should that be?' Near the end of that month, a poll came out showing a slight drop in support for gay marriage; still, half of New Yorkers approved.

"The battle was joined."

Thanks to you!

Together, we are doing something that has never been done in New York before: building an army of supporters for marriage. 

We're going to need them. New York and New Jersey are now on the frontlines of the battle to protect marriage.

The spectacle of New York politicians, well, playing politics with our lives and our money was some kind of weird metaphor for the times we live in. Gay marriage? Whose idea was that?

Tim Gill, it turns out. Tim Gill is the most influential guy you never see on TV. He's the gay billionaire from Colorado who has brilliantly put together a network of donors to take over state legislatures, taking down pro-life and pro-family voices.  

The July 1 New York Observer, in a strange little piece about how little grassroots passion gay marriage sparks among gays and lesbians in New York, also notes the importance of Gill:  "The issue attracted the Gill Action Fund, which, with the help of the Empire State Pride Agenda, gave $1 million to defeat weaker Republicans in local elections last year, as New York magazine recently reported. The catch, of course, was if the Democrats were victorious--which they were--they would get marriage."

New York magazine's investigative report also credits Tim Gill's money: "In November, Democrats picked up two seats . . . and entered the year with a 32-to-30 majority. Smith became majority leader. Democrats say Gill's money probably put them over the top."

We don't need to match Tim Gill's billions because we have two things on our side he does not: truth, and the majority of Americans. But we do need to show these politicians we do not intend to just let them remake our society--something as basic and precious as marriage--to please a well-funded political base. 

We need your help. We're launching the NOM Political Action Committee New York to make sure politicians in Albany listen to your voice and your values. We've pledged that the first $500,000 will be used to challenge in the primary any Republican senator who decides to ignore what the people want and listen to Tim Gill instead. And we are actively looking for bright young Democrats who want to buck the establishment, and speak truth to power! 

We need your help. Can you spare even $5 a month for marriage

The next few months are so urgent; I'll be keeping an eye on Albany (and Trenton too!). Here's one simple thing you could do to help: Can you take a minute to pass this newsletter on to just one friend today?

We need to be ready to flood Albany and Trenton with phone calls and emails from people who understand: Marriage matters. It is God's idea, and He saw that it was good. 

Marriage is good. It's not discrimination. It's the affirmation of the great truth that we are made male and female and that men and women need to come together in love to make the future happen.

Thanks so much for all your help and support. I hope you don't mind taking a few minutes to read our alerts each week. I know you may not be in a position to help financially in these times. I want you to know how much I value your support, your prayers especially, and your words of encouragement.

It is an honor to be in a movement with people like you!


  1. john
    Posted July 24, 2009 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    Sustainability should be a key concern with regard to environmental or energy policy, but it rarely is considered in relation to social policies though it should be. The reason many people hold high regard for traditional values is that they have proven to be sustainable over the long term as they have helped to create a healthy foundation for human social relations.

    There is no reason to believe that the radically different social policies involved in legalizing lesbian marriage and encouraging lesbian families (there really would be few gay male marriages with children) will produce a sustainable human society. Actually, the most likely effect would be a factionalization of society with a growing lesbian faction with different goals and different interests from those of the mainstream. This would result in increasing conflict and social chaos which would likely lead over time to societal disintegration or collapse.

    I can understand why committed lesbians would be willing to take this risk, as they see themselves as warriors and their hatred of men and of heterosexuality is the driving force behind most of their decisions, but it is absurd for any heterosexuals to consider this a reasonable risk to assume, particularly as it offers heterosexuals so little in the present or future.

  2. Susan
    Posted July 24, 2009 at 11:21 am | Permalink

    THIS IS IMPORTANT. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE as much as you can to fight for marriage and kids. Homosexuals' fight to debase traditional marriage is now their top priority, their raison d'etre.

    Because there is nothing more important to homosexuals than their homosexuality, they will stop at nothing to legitimize and promote it.

    That is why OUR involvement and OUR financial input into this fight is so essential.

  3. Susan
    Posted July 24, 2009 at 2:42 pm | Permalink


    You are right that lesbians generally detest and reject men. All the lesbians I have known (and I came across many) are very open about it and see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    Although I tend to feel sorry for lesbians because they are very unhappy, I must agree that children raised by them will be emotionally and psychologically scarred.

    On a somewhat humorous note, my boyfriend (who is now my husband) was once physically assaulted by a VERY LARGE lesbian. The reason? He accidentally opened the door to the Ladies' room (not the stall). Fortunately, he knew how to defend himself and nobody was injured. So, you can see that the degree of hate lesbians have for men can be quite overwhelming and make them act irrationally.

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