Maryland Senate Delays SSM Bill -- Keep Your Calls Coming!


The Associated Press:

The Maryland Senate is delaying debate on a bill to legalize gay marriage.

Republican leaders asked that discussion of the bill and potential amendments be postponed until Thursday.

Sen. President Thomas V. Mike Miller said the Senate could gather into the evening that day to consider the bill, which barely passed the House of Delegates last week. Debate could continue Friday before a final vote is taken.

Opponents have offered an amendment to change the bill’s effective date and say they have asked Attorney General Doug Gansler for an opinion on the constitutionality of amendments added to the House version of the bill.

You can take action to contact your state senator in Maryland here.


  1. Zack
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  2. Little man
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    In case bloggers are interested: Fresh from Hawaii

    Hawaii Governor declares Hawaii marriage Law denies Federal Constitutional Rights.

    Source: Smart Business Hawaii newsletter, Feb. 22, 2012

    Attorney General David M. Louie announced yesterday that Governor Neil Abercrombie and Director of the State Department of Health Loretta Fuddy, have filed separate answers, as the two defendants named in their official capacities, in the First Amendment Complaint in Jackson v. Abercrombie, the United States District Court lawsuit which challenges Hawaii's ban on same sex marriage.

    Governor Abercrombie has acknowledged many of the complaint's allegations, including the denial of federal constitutional rights caused by the state's existing marriage law. Director Fuddy, however, as the director of the department charged with administering the law, has denied many of the complaint's allegations. As such, the Department of Health will continue to enforce the law, and will vigorously defend it.

    Get ready for same sex marriage in Hawaii with this Administration's record of defense of existing laws.
    - - -

    My point:
    Abercrombie has been rated as the least popular Governor (most unpopular, though not easily compared) in the USA, currently. Hawaii, with a Democrat Legislature and Governor, is no longer Paradise, now that they cannot get any more Earmarks, hardly. Democrats have never been so vulnerable, in Honolulu.

  3. John N.
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    Figures another group of liberal Dems bowing down to the bribe money.

  4. Little man
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    SB 241, Maryland. Excerpt on a proposed (but voted-down) Amendment to this bill in the Maryland Senate, today Feb 23, which tries to permit parents to exempt their kids when the corresponding elementary school would teach their children about same-sex civil marriage in the classroom. (arguments against this amendment: a) not teaching that presently, teaching against bullying, divorced marriages not a good role model anyway..) This can be heard anytime (audio only) at the following link starting at about minute 1 of today's morning Maryland Senate procedures (Session #1):

  5. Louis E.
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    They passed SSM by three votes (one more No vote than last year).Bring on the referendum!

  6. Publius
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    @Louis E.

    Another nail in the coffin of strict scrutiny. This is hardly the mark of a "politically powerless" group. So much for one of Judge Walker's supposedly incontrovertible "facts."