Michele Bachmann to End Campaign, Rick Perry Heads to South Carolina


Michele Bachmann has decided to suspend her presidential bid after a disappointing showing in Iowa:

Michele Bachmann ended her bid for the Republican presidential nomination Wednesday, hours after a disappointing sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

The Minnesota congresswoman suspended her campaign, a legal technicality that will allow her to continue to raise and spend campaign funds.

"Last night the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice and so I have decided to stand aside," Bachmann told a crowd of supporters in West Des Moines. But, she added, "I will continue fighting to defeat the president's agenda of socialism."

"It is safe to say we don't see a viable way forward," a Republican source familiar with Bachmann's campaign told CNN before the announcement. -- CNN

Rick Perry, meanwhile, who said last night he was going back to Texas to decide if he sees a way forward, promised via Twitter that he had decided to continue to South Carolina.

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  1. ResistSSA
    Posted January 4, 2012 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    Poor Michele. A smart lady brought down, to some extent, by a public that has been duped to believe that disagreeing with ssm implies de-fact bigotry and religious fanaticism.

    Santorum is playing it a little smarter, speaking positively about traditional marriage and showing sympathy for people afflicted with same-sex attraction. It's hard to attack someone who speaks positively about traditional marriage, and if he continues to link traditional marriage with economic stability, he could go all the way to the presidency.

    Over 95% of the country believes in God, and I would bet that an equally high percentage is not happy with how liberal social polices have led to such things as a high divorce rate, huge percentages of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, increased welfare payments to single moms and fatherless kids, the spread of deadly STDs (including hpv, HIV), sexually explicit tv shows, movies, and music, etc....

    Honestly, can anyone point to anything aside from civil rights to Blacks that came out of 1960s mentality? Heck, even the women's rights movement has turned many women into slaves of their employers instead of moms to their kids. Nowadays, only rich folk can afford to have mom at home.

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