Why We Have Marriage


Over at, a researcher named Amber Lapp asked an Ohio waitress/manager "Why do we have marriage?":

“I guess in a way to keep families together. Because if you think about it, if you have a guy and a girl who spend their lives together, or who intend to spend their lives together, if they don’t get married, and have children [while unmarried], it’s too easy of a getaway. . . Maybe it’s more to keep people—or families—together, instead of everybody have a momma and poppa over here and moms here, dads there, you’ve got four step-kids, four regular kids, you know? Yeah, it’d be complicated [without marriage], there’d be kids all over the frickin’ place. Next thing you know you’re dating a third cousin and you don’t even realize it because mom went with this person and dad went with this person and they both split and went with these people. So I think maybe it will, ummm, save a little bit of chaos….I just kind of pulled that out of nowhere…”

Although she might feel as if she just pulled this thought from nowhere, I suspect that much of it comes from personal experience: her brother does shared parenting with his ex-girlfriend, she dated men with children and had to deal with their babies’ mamas, and she had custody over her 15 year old niece when she herself was just 18."

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  1. Jeff Maurer
    Posted August 20, 2010 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    It is truly the hetrosexual community that has destroyed marriage. Dating back to the early years of the U.S. marriage has been very abused. Starting with arranged marriages to help secure financial security for your family. What gives you the right to decide if two people of the same sex that are in love should be denied this basic human right? If you want to protect marriage why don't you focus on making divorce illegal. I wonder how many of your supporters have been divorced? I respect the GLBT Community as they have never needed a piece of legal paperwork to show the world a love they share for their significant other. Most Gay unions last longer than the typical hetrosexual union, why is that? Maybe the GLBT Commnunity could teach the hetrosexual community about commitment! When one takes their vows they say "till death do us part", where did divorce come into the scenario? Maybe you should work on chaging the vows to say "till Divorce do us part" as this is more realistic! Personally I feel the Govenment should have no say in religious matters. Maybe we should take away the tax advantages and other benefits married couples benefit from and see how important marriage is at that point! I am a true Christian and believe God will be our judge, it is not a decision we should be involved in. Gay Marriage should be given the same precedent that Marriage is given! I am sure they will show us the true meaning of commitment and marriage, they do it now by staying together through the trials and tribulations of a relationship without a legal document that entitles each person to half of the others belongings! Really you all have too much time on your hands!

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