Summer for Marriage Tour 2010!


In a few days, NOM will be launching our Summer for Marriage Tour 2010, taking the message for marriage directly to the American people and building support for marriage all across the eastern half of the United States.

Over 33 days, we’ll travel more than 6000 miles, holding rallies in 23 cities from Maine to Minnesota to Atlanta and Tampa before heading back to Washington, DC for the tour finale on August 15th.

Many of the states we’ll be visiting are key battlegrounds in this critical debate, as we work to organize grassroots support for marriage as the union of a husband and wife at both the state federal levels, building support for state marriage amendments and opposing the repeal of DOMA.

Please visit for the latest tour information, including the bus schedule, a chance to register for email alerts from the tour, and video footage of each tour stop.

We need your help to make this summer’s tour a success! Please click here to make your online contribution today. $60 would cover a penny per mile! $115 would be $5 toward the costs of each rally. Whatever you can give will go far as we work together to organize support for marriage all across the nation!

Then tell your friends and come out to see us when we come to your hometown this summer!


  1. Jason
    Posted June 29, 2010 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    This is just awful. Spreading a message of intolerance and discrimination. I'm sorry, but freedom of religion does NOT give the ability to force religiously-influenced beliefs on others.

    Oh well. It is such an assurance to know that in 15 years, when same-sex marriage is legal in the entire country (you KNOW this is an inevitability), all of these types of organizations will be long, long gone.

  2. Clark
    Posted July 4, 2010 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Wow, sounds like an awesome road trip for God! Please defend your idea of marriage against the evil gays because Lord knows WHAT they would do with the institution (besides protect their relationships through the over 1,100 federal and state benefits that come with a marriage license).

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